Partner with Messente and become an ambassador

Bring value to your network by sharing a trusted business messaging solution.

 Partner with Messente and become an ambassador

Messente is used by leading companies in finance, cybersecurity, logistics and more


Why become an ambassador?

Successful business

Messente has been growing profitably 50% YoY. You can rest assured that you are promoting a well-oiled machine.

Trust & Security

Messente values trust and security above all else. Feel confident sharing a trusted SMS platform.

Dedicated to success

Messente ensures the customers you refer will feel supported every step of the way by a dedicated account manager.

Benefits for the client

Competitive prices

We offer custom pricing for all referred leads that are not available by default.

Free account manager

Account manager is included free of charge to support messaging operations.

No traffic commitments

Messente depends on excellent service to keep the customer instead of legal obligations.

Program overview

Commission rate

Monthly commission for 6 months after closing the deal

Average monthly payout

The average ACV for partner deals is currently 37 724€.

How does the program work?


Spread the word about Messente.


Refer them to us. We’ll take care of the rest.


The new client signs up & starts sending messages.


You get rewarded for your efforts, month-over-month

Who can participate in the program?

  • The Messente Ambassador Program is open to existing customers, consultants, agencies, and industry influencers who have a working relationship with Messente.

What are the rules?

  • You cannot refer yourself
  • You must not use spam as a method of promotion
  • As our service is targeted to business users, Messente only accepts users with a valid business
  • Users with anonymous, disposable, or free emails will not be able to create accounts
  • You are banned from bidding on branded terms such as ‘messente’ – or any obvious variations – in Google Ads.


Who is eligible to participate in the program?

Any existing customer, consultant, agency, or industry influencer is eligible to participate in the program as long as they refer a new lead to Messente.

How is the payout calculated?

The payout is calculated based on the revenue generated by the client referred by the ambassador. The payout will be active for six months after the go-live. The calculation will be done by the Messente accounting department and shared with the ambassador.

When will the commission be paid out?

The commission will be calculated monthly and paid out within 30 days of the end of each month.

How do I refer a new client to Messente?

To refer a new client to Messente, simply reach out to them and introduce them to our business messaging solutions. Let them know about the benefits of working with Messente and how our services can help them achieve their goals. As a final step, refer them to Messente’s Head of Revenue, Marcus Kallavus.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the program?

For any questions or concerns regarding the program, please send an email to

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