How simple SMS makes our life easier

There are many ways how different businesses and the public organizations use sms message as fast communication channel, delivering us important notifications/reminders and personal info.

Here are some everyday examples how SMS is used:

  • Banking and financial sector- often use SMS for notifying clients if money is transferred on their account or if there are some unpaid loan payments or there are some important contracts about expire.
  • Medical sector – helps you remember your doctors appointments by sending SMS reminder or saves your time by sending blood test results back to you with SMS.
  • Car dealers – helps you remember when is right time to have regular maintenance or when your cars technical inspection is about expire.
  • Insurance companies – often lets you know with SMS if some of your insurance contracts are about expire.
  • Web services – for example Google Calendar gives you possibility to add SMS reminder on your calendar events.

These examples are just few out of many, how SMS messages help us daily.

Keep texting! :)

Kaur Virunurm
2013-07-01 00:00:00 UTC