Certificate update for Messente's services

UPDATE: The certificates will be updated May 26 @ 13:00 EEST

The certificate for api.messente.com and api2.messente.com will expire soon and it will be updated on May 26 @ 13:00 EEST.

Affected domain name: api.messente.com,  api2.messente.com
Affected API's: Omnichannel API, HLR API, Number Lookup API,  SMS API, Crediting API, Pricing API, Phonebook API, and Verification API
Date of update: May 26, 2021 @ 13:00 EEST

If you are using ou are using https://api.messente.com/ or https://api2.messente.com/ for making HTTP API queries, you will need to make sure you do not cache the https certificate.

There are known issues with some implementations written in Java, where the certificate is cached in the keystore and needs to be manually updated. Check this forum thread on how to clear the Java certificate cache.

If you are using some other library like cURL (PHP, C++) or httplib (Python), you should be already fine. Just make sure to double-check everything on the next day!

You can also check the status of the update on our status page - https://status.messente.com/

Something went wrong?

In case you are having issues with certificate after the update with error message "hostname in certificate didn’t match", then make sure you have SNI (Server Name Indication) TLS extension enabled.

We have had cases where some systems require you to manually enable this extension in SAP systems.

Jaanus Rõõmus
2021-05-19 00:00:00 UTC