We're Upgrading the Dashboard

We’ve got some exciting news for Messente customers. Messente is getting a massive upgrade, which begins today. Prepare to say goodbye to the old look and send it to a much-deserved retirement. The new one brings improved user experience and a modern feel to it.

Here’s a quick teaser of what’s about to come. 

A modern and minimalistic look 

The most noticeable change will be to the overall look and feel of the Dashboard. If you could choose a word to describe the changes, it would be modernisation. The new Dashboard has a lot lighter feeling with some tasteful colour added to it.  

Messente Dashboard Main View

There will also be a few functional changes to the Dashboard view:

  • You’ll be able to choose the time period of the overview.

  • System status bar will be added to give you real-time info about the status of Messente's platform.

  • The menu will be more streamlined and logical, containing only the necessary information. Also, you’ll find your account manager's contact details there.

But the most significant upgrade is happening under the hood. We'll be adding an entirely new statistics module that is the foundation for the new and improved statistics view (more on that below), which will enable our customers to get detailed information hassle-free. 

What’s more to come

As mentioned before, the Statistics section is getting an overhaul as well. Now instead of seeing only the results of your SMS campaigns, you’ll also get information about other messaging channels, such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram. The icing on the cake is the added delivery rate calculation, which will be done automatically, so you could analyze what exactly is influencing the delivery rate. For example, if the delivery rate is low, you can immediately check if the numbers you are messaging are correct.  Those manually crafted Excel sheets are now just a memory.  

Messente Statistics View

Another big upgrade comes with the new History view. You’ll be able to view your messaging history for whatever time period you want and filter messages using type-based or status-based filters. For example, you can filter out all the messages that weren’t delivered and export them in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the reasons for undelivered messages will be displayed in the History view, so you don't have to spend valuable time on requesting it through Messente’s support.

Messente's Messaging tool with the new and convenient process for sending messages will lower the chances of making mistakes, which in turn will increase the effectiveness of your messaging operations. The messages that need to be sent later can be quickly scheduled during the process.

Unsubscribe links and Sender ID management will be moving there, too. With the latter, you’ll be able to manage all your Sender IDs, check the status, and add new ones with minimal effort.

Messente Messaging Tool

And last but not least, in the Developers tool, you'll be able to add and manage more than one API user under a single account. This allows you to create separate API credentials for all of your services, increasing the security as you can manage the credentials individually.

There are many upgrades coming to the Dashboard, and all the critical functions will be affected. They will be implemented in the coming months, and with each release, the usability and experience of Messente’s messaging tools will be significantly improved. 

It would be great to hear your opinion on this, so let us know what you think via live chat!

Taavi Rebane
2019-12-20 00:00:00 UTC