Dashboard Upgrades - July 2020

If you’re one of our customers, you might have noticed that Messente’s Dashboard has been receiving upgrades throughout this year. We have modernised the overall design of it, overhauled the Statistics view, and upgraded some other smaller pieces. 

In July, we implemented a few additional major upgrades with the main focus on providing more data to our users and improving user-friendliness.  

Messaging History 

The most significant upgrade in July is the new History view. You’ll be able to view your messaging history for whatever time period you want and filter messages using search, and type-based or status-based filters.  

For example, you can filter out all the messages that weren’t delivered and export them in a matter of minutes or search specific messages or receivers. 

Additionally, the causes for undelivered messages will be displayed in the History view, so you don't have to spend valuable time on requesting it through Messente’s support. You’ll be able to view the status code of the message, which helps you identify the cause of a failed message.  

Another major change is the detailed information view provided for each message. There, you can view: 

  • Message ID
  • Time
  • Receiver
  • Sender Name
  • Message type
  • Country
  • Price of the message
  • How many parts there were
  • Status
  • Message content

Soon, we’ll also add the message processing timeline from the second you send out the message to the point when a person receives it. It’ll further improve the transparency of using Messente and help you find the cause of a failed message. 

And last but not least, when clicking on SMS parts, you’ll be directed to our SMS Length Calculator, which will show you how the length of your message was calculated. This is especially useful when sending longer, multi-part messages.

P.S As of now, the upgrade is implemented only for customers who use our Omnichannel API. SMS API user’s history is displayed in a separated tab and with the old functionality. We will combine the history of both APIs very soon. 

Company Details  

The Company Details view is getting a new design as well. It won’t change much in terms of functionality, but we have structured it to be more user friendly using tabs. 

Here’s what you will find there: 

  • Basic Information - Your account name, website, and contact numbers.
  • Billing details - Company name, address, and other information
  • E-mails & Notifications - Add emails, which should receive notifications and invoices.
  • Your Messente Information - Download your account data or request account deletion.
  • Account Permissions - Manage user permissions and invite new users.

My Profile 

The final update for July is the new design for My Profile. As with the Company Details view, the functionality hasn’t changed, but we have improved the user-friendliness. 

There you’ll find:

  • General profile information – Name and email.
  • Change Password
  • 2-Step Verification – Improve the security of your account.
  • Access to Accounts – Overview of accounts that you have access to.

Let us know what you think of these upgrades! For a complete list of changes, read our changelog.

Taavi Rebane
2020-07-27 00:00:00 UTC