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Impact of SMS Marketing on Food Delivery Business

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The food delivery business has increased significantly with the increased adoption of e-commerce platforms. It is indeed quite fun and pleasing to have the favorite food at your home. The food delivery business pleases and meets the cravings instantly.  

The instant placement of the order and getting it in the given time spam is all you need to do. The online food delivery business's revenue is proliferating. Only in the U.S, the revenue has crossed $136 million.  

SMS marketing for online food businesses has been firming the ground. Different types of text messages create psychological triggers that drive customers to place the order. Thus, SMS marketing has the potential to uplift the food delivery businesses.  

Today, I'll be discussing some significant aspects of how SMS marketing is growing excessively.


How is SMS Marketing impacting the food delivery business?

SMS marketing is a great tool. It can be impactful in tons of different ways. Some of them are;

1. SMS is a popular way to connect

SMS marketing is undoubtedly a must-have strategy for any business because the perks that it offers are substantial. It is quite evident that every business wants better and wider connections – and for building strong relationships, leveraging SMS marketing is the finest way. 

The advantages of adopting SMS marketing are immediate delivery, personalized touch, cost-effectiveness, and vast reach. Combining these and all the others would lead you to one thing, and that is a better and enhanced connection.

2. Instant delivery make them guaranteed read

SMS is a great way to communicate as around 90% of the SMS messages are read within the first 3 minutes of delivery. With this whopping rate of quick reading, you might be understanding why SMS messages are great for building relationships. 

SMS marketing campaigns undoubtedly breed results. Only in 2019, the conversion rate was around 45%.


3. SMS Marketing is Affordable

It is supreme for every marketer to create and design a cost-effective and result-oriented strategy at the same time. Designing a budget-friendly marketing campaign isn't a piece of cake, but it has become as easy as pie with SMS marketing. 

Some food business owners never believed that it would be worth the hype. But, diving in, reveals how great and affordable SMS marketing is.

4. Generate more sales through connecting with feelings

Nowadays, the internet, smartphones, and gadgets have become more than a necessity. According to a study, it was found that Americans check their phones 47 times a day. And if a person is checking his/her phone almost 50 times a day, it means that SMS marketing would help you connect and grow emotionally.  

Emotions are the actual triggers for customers to act and lead them to buy certain products or services. Customers always get attracted to things that they believe will make them feel something. 

Now many of you might be wondering, do emotions lead to sales? The answer is that they could. Emotions create a sense of fulfillment.

5. The power of words

As I mentioned, focus on the power of emotional attachment. The next driving factor is to use correct words that evoke emotions. They can do wonders.


For example, look at this McDonald's marketing poster. The phrase 'Get Yours Today!' is used to trigger the feelings of greed; it tells that we have created something unique, and you can be a part of it.  

Similarly, the other tag, 'I'm Lovin It,' means that it is loved worldwide, and you could be a part of the ever-growing community. These phrases can be used in SMS marketing too.  

There are several ways to make your words in the text message look more exciting and captivating. For instance, adding emojis in the messages or making the tag-lines crisp and clear can help marketers make advertisements look appealing.

6. Making special offers captivating

There are tons of different ways to launch various special offers for attracting a large chunk of the audience. Promoting these special offers with SMS would be great for bringing in a massive audience. 

Some ideas for special offers are distributing coupons of different meals, Two for Tuesday (Buy 1 Get 1 Free), a discount offer for students with their student IDs, a limited time discount on some high-quality products, special offers for week-days and weekends, etc.  

Don't repeat the same strategy for long. Learn when to change the SMS strategy and introduce new concepts.  

7. Strive for customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is paramount for all kinds of business. Working on improving the communication channel between the brand and customers can be achieved with the adequate use of SMS Marketing.  

SMS marketing is far better than communicating via call on a cell phone. Customers also prefer receiving text messages from the brands. According to a study, more than 50% of customers prefer customer support over text messages instead of phone calls. Loyalty, once built, will give you a chance to cash always.  

For instance, customers prefer food from their favorite spots on the go.

If you have customers' loyalty, they'd be ordering forever, even if they are in the office, home, or outdoor working on a project to organize an office.

3.   Updates boost sales

Updating customers with all the happenings and planning at your foodservice would indeed create a sense of attachment. Customers always regard brands that keep them informed with trending news.  

For instance, if you are introducing a new latte, opening a new outlet, or even bringing some great offers or discounts, all this must be shared with your customers. For doing this, SMS marketing is the best way.  

SMS marketing can be a game-changer for the food delivery business, as several restaurants are using the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) strategy. This is a crucial strategy and has been resulting profoundly after initiating with SMS marketing.


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