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- 5 MIN READ - 01 Aug 2017

We’ve developed solid APIs for global SMS messaging and two-factor authentication, which are currently part of processes for hundreds of companies and facilitate thousands of transactions every day. Yet we aren’t stopping there. Effectively communicating with customers and securing customer account access online are two aspects of business technology we focus on. While there’s much more to business technology (much, much more,) these are the two areas which we strive to be the best.  

That’s why we keep developing our tools to address evolving needs in the areas which we specialize. 

We address a real threat with two-factor authentication.

And we’ve built an even more powerful API to help any business that works with customers through an online account through a web browser or mobile.

On top of that, we’re working with our clients to educate users on safe online behavior. It’s easy to make jokes about weak passwords. Yet our reality is that nearly 4 billion usernames and passwords are leaked on the web. Any business can fall victim to a breach due to weak credentials.

Think about it: You assume that since your service isn’t globally known, you’re safe. However, hackers are opportunistic –they don’t care if you’re LinkedIn or a small forex website. Users reusing passwords (or variations) on your site or app that were previously leaked from a breach, put your site at risk. All it takes is one user’s account to be hijacked through social engineering by an opportunistic hacker to cause serious financial loss to the business and the user.

When improving on our 2FA API, we thought about the user, which is why we developed our 2FA app, Verigator. Users can use Verigator for any site that uses QR codes to set up 2FA apps, like Facebook, Google, and DropBox. More importantly, any business using Messente’s 2FA API works with Verigator automatically (no QR code needed.)

We’re making it so easy to enable two-factor authentication that users have no excuse and we’re working with our clients to help their customers enable 2FA. Ultimately, everyone’s that much more secure.

We’re inviting everyone learn more about our low-cost, high impact solution at our webinar on September 12. Join us and get users to #TurnOn2FA.

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Yuriy Mikitchenko

Yuriy Mikitchenko - Head of Marketing

A transplant from the United States, Yuriy brings his marketing know-how to Messente. His background is in B2B marketing and sales, working with tech corporations and startups in the Portland, Ore. and Seattle, Wash. area. Now he's giving Estonia a fresh perspective on overall marketing.

An easy way to add more confidentiality - hiding SMS content

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In a previous blog, we discussed Flash SMS and how it’s used to ensure confidentiality with SMS messaging. Well, Messente’s API provides two more features that help hide message content:

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Uku Tomikas

Uku Tomikas

Tools to avoid breaking the budget with SMS

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Getting the most bang out of each buck in a marketing communication strategy requires solids budget estimation. Yet when the budget is broken halfway through the month, the questions arise: How did this happen? How have we sent twice as many SMS messages than we should have at this point? Well, this is where the multipart SMS comes into play.

Uku Tomikas

Uku Tomikas

Delivering every SMS while protecting from spam issues

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Our SMS API connects with various software which send requests to deliver messages to millions of devices. Yet as no software is perfect, there have been cases where we have received requests to send an unusual number of messages from one account. Typically, this is a clear signal that a client’s system has a glitch and is sending messages that they did not plan on sending. While our goal is to deliver every SMS, we have a system in place to prevent looped messages from occurring.

Margus Sütt

Margus Sütt

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