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Managing Groups and Contacts with Phonebook API

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the Blacklist feature in our Phonebook API and how it can be useful in your workflows.

Now it is time to get to know the core feature of the Phonebook API that will be released in a few weeks - managing your Groups and Contacts!

Managing Groups and Contacts

The core functionality of Phonebook API is managing your Groups and Contacts, providing the same functionality you have in our Dashboard:

  • Groups - Creating, Updating, Fetching and Deleting
  • Contacts - Creating, Updating, Fetching and Deleting
  • Relations - Adding or Removing a Contact from a Group

These are the core building blocks of the Phonebook and enable you to use it in a lot more ways than just mere intermediate step when sending out campaigns to a bunch of numbers.

Syncing CRM with Messente

With these tools, you can now focus on synchronizing the contacts in your CRM with Messente directly instead of manually exporting from CRM and importing to a new Group in Messente to send out a campaign.

As one Contact (phone number) is unique in your Accounts Phonebook, it can belong to many Groups at the same time. This enables us to send out a campaign to multiple groups at the same time while avoiding duplicate messages being sent to the same phone number.

Contacts with Labels

While we were developing the Phonebook API we were contemplating the concepts of Groups VS Labels and found out that they are different sides of exactly the same coin.

You can think of Groups as Labels that are attached to Contacts instead and there you have it - now you have Labels on Contacts, not Contacts in Groups.

More ideas for Phonebook API use cases

When we initially started working on the Phonebook API, we created a list of possible use-cases for it. When playing around with the idea of being able to manage your Phonebook remotely, we came up with lots of great ideas.

Here are some of the use cases we came up with:

  • Syncing the Phonebook with CRM to avoid manually exporting/importing contacts when sending out your marketing campaigns
  • Automatically add new Contacts to Groups when they opt-in on your website
  • Instead of blacklisting the phone number for the whole Messente Account, just remove the Contacts from the specific marketing Group(s)

If there is an awesome way you are using our Phonebook API in your workflow, let us know in the comments section below. Thanks!

Early access available in March

We have finalised the last parts of the upcoming Phonebook API and currently, we are in the last steps of thorough testing the API and libraries before we release it as a part of our early access program.

The program will give you access to full functionality of the Phonebook API, full set of libraries and documentation.

We will also let you know when the Phonebook API has been released and what are our next great things in our development roadmap - see you again in a few weeks!

Jaanus Rõõmus
2019-02-22 00:00:00 UTC