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Messente meets Zapier

- 5 MIN READ - 17 Mar 2017

Good news, we’ve launched an integration with Zapier

Using Zapier you can connect one web service to another. So for instance you can connect Messente with Pipedrive, one of the best sales CRM’s out there.

You set trigger events in one service and the connected service reacts. In this case for example you can make Messente send out a notification SMS to the sales manager whenever any deal is won by the salespeople.

Possibilities are endless as Zapier allows you to connect 500+ online tools without having to know anything about the code behind it.

Here are a few popular integration options:

To start creating Zaps you’ll need the following:
Not sure how you can use Zapier? Get in touch and we’ll talk it through.

Joosep Merelaht

Joosep Merelaht - Key account manager

At Messente, Joosep works alongside key customers to provide them with tailor made solutions. He is passionate in helping our customers to develop and expand their businesses.

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