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SMS Marketing: The Good, the Bad, and the Don't You Dare

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Short message service or SMS marketing is an advertising approach that permits businesses and companies to send text messages to their customers. It can be effective in improving brand engagement and boosting conversions.

Most of us often hear a notification sound and see promotional text messages from different brands. The reaction to these texts could be different based on the marketing strategy that a company employs. Sometimes they can be annoying and, in some instances, they can be interesting to read.

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Many people think that the days have gone when this sort of text marketing used to be fruitful, but this is not true at all. SMS is still considered to be one of the best ways to approach customers.

In this article, we are going to talk about SMS marketing and its effectiveness. We'll discuss its positive approaches, negative sides, and critical mistakes that you should stay away from.

The Good

If you are considering SMS marketing as an option to reach potential customers, then follow these true and tried rules.

Ask for Permission

Having a list of phone numbers doesn't pave your way to successful text marketing. It's illegal to send a marketing SMS without seeking permission from the user. Asking for permission gives a good impression of your brand. Businesses can get clear consent from mobile phone users before they start sending messages. The following two methods are useful in this regard.

  • You can create a simple opt-in campaign that encourages users to send a specific keyword to the company's shortcode. For example, send 'NEW to '786363' to receive the latest offers.

  • Ask users to check the opt-in box when they reach the checkout page while making a purchase. You can create an option there and request customers to hit that checkbox to receive weekly or monthly offers on their mobile phones.

SMS Marketing Tools

It's not a valid idea to use your smartphone for sending thousands of texts to customers. It is advisable to use authentic SMS marketing tools so that you can get more control over your marketing strategy. Things like delivery time, following up with contacts and maintaining the contact list become easier with the help of the right marketing tools.

Offer Value

When someone opt-in to receive SMS from your brand or business, it means he wants to see something worthwhile. If you are not able to write an impressive advertising copy, contact professional writing service to get this job done flawlessly. Never try to bombard your target audience with worthless texts. It ruins your reputation and bothers customers. A good text message should offer value to its readers.

The Bad

It's time to check out the common mistakes that many SMS marketers make while targeting their potential customers.

Sending at the Worst Time

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You can imagine the anger of a person who is enjoying his sleep at midnight, and suddenly his cell phone rings with a marketing SMS notification. That's why it's immensely important to consider the best time to send business texts. Analyze the time zone of your customer base and consider an appropriate time for marketing messages.

Being Mysterious

People don't pay attention to messages that they get from unknown sources. They consider such anonymous texts as spam. Therefore, it is crucial to identify your brand or business. Introduce your brand with its name and then sensibly deliver the marketing message.

Acronyms and Slangs

It's ideal to have a great marketing text with no more than 160 characters. You need to deliver your message within this limit without using abbreviations and slangs. They cause confusion for the reader.

The Don't You Dare

Let's briefly discuss the worst text marketing approaches. You cannot afford to make your customers feel angry with such nasty offences. Try to avoid these mistakes at any cost.

Too Many SMS

Millions of people get bombarded with irrelevant marketing texts every day. Not just SMS, but they get such messages in forms of social media ads and emails. According to research, over 16 million text messages are sent to the targeted audience per minute. Let your audience breathe and send only relevant marketing text when needed.

Not including a Call to Action

Call-to-action is the essence of any marketing text. It encourages readers to take action and step ahead to make a purchase. Direct them to take action using clear words and don't expect them to read your mind. Many renowned brands use group texting to give clear CTAs such as sign up for free, use this promo code, and click the link.

Not Giving an Option to Unsubscribe

Each message should give away to unsubscribe if a customer doesn't feel okay with your marketing texts. Remember, it's illegal to keep sending SMS to your customer base and not letting them opt-out.


SMS marketing is still a very popular mode of advertising for a company's products and services. Many businesses boost their activities and conversions by using the correct marketing text. Following the right directions can help companies achieve their sales goals. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach the target audience in no time.

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