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6 Things to Think About When Considering SMS Marketing

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Marketing is a skill that becomes more and more intertwined with technology each and every day. One of the biggest boons to marketing and digital marketing is the ability to connect with customers and would-be customers at the click of your fingers. Technology has made it that, within seconds, you can be in a flowing conversation with a customer 3000 miles away from your headquarters.

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One of the tools that has been identified as a form of direct marketing is SMS or texting. A text has that direct, personal touch that makes it tantalising for marketers. But there are other things to consider before simply moving straight ahead with the plan. So, without further ado, let’s look at some things you ought to stop and think about before making your decision on SMS marketing for your company.

1. How Personal Is Too Personal?

Marketers everywhere are directly concerned with trying to get as up close and personal with their customers as possible. The rise of social media has made that possible to a greater degree than ever before. But it has also had a knock-on effect with regards to texting.

Social media is a world of its own in which strangers frequently come together and connect with one another or with companies as the case may be. It has meant that social media chat has become the go-to impersonal messaging platform, whether that be Facebook Messenger or Instagram DMs. Text, conversely, has shrunk inside of itself and is now a platform that is increasingly used solely for very personal communications. This should cause some hesitation.

Customers can find it immensely uncomfortable when companies get too close to them in a way that can get rid of the chance of a sale. Texting a customer can feel very intrusive, depending on your brand and your target demographic. 

2. It Can Save Time

Texting is a very fast medium, with most of its speed being dictated by the fact that people check their texts as they arrive, unlike something like emails, for example. This can be used to your advantage when you need customers to know something immediately, to promote the end of a sale period or something of that ilk. You will save yourself a lot of delay by using SMS to communicate with them.

3. Permission Is Key

Relating to the earlier point about how personal you can afford to get, SMS marketing is certainly an area in which having the customer on board with what you are doing is vital.

Never, ever, EVER use someone’s mobile number for marketing without them knowing that it is coming. You can’t just scrape details off their order forms and abuse that information. They could be extremely offended, and you may lose a customer. Always be clear, open and honest.

4. Mobile Is the Future

Another significant advantage of SMS marketing is that people always have their phones on them. The benefits of this can’t be overstated. If you are using SMS marketing and people carry their phones around with them all day then there’s a guarantee that they are carrying your marketing material in their pocket ready to remind them of sales wherever they are!

5. Texts Get Opened

As a personal communication platform, there’s something urgent about texts that contrasts to, say, email marketing. A text is the next port of call when someone isn’t answering a phone call, so you can guarantee that your marketing will be viewed.

6. It’s A Limited Format

Though you can always link out of the text itself, it is worth noting that, from a layout perspective, texts are very simplistic and limited. The downside of this is that you can’t make it look appealing. The positive is that you don’t have to spend the time and resources on designing nice texts. Just type and send.


Hopefully, this article has made you see that there are several different sides to this conversation, all of which deserve to be listened to. Something may seem irresistible but may actually have unforeseen downsides so think hard before going ahead.

Beatrice Beard
2020-02-10 00:00:00 UTC