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We never intended to do this, but it happened.

Lauri Kinkar

23 Oct 2017 -

5 min read

Lauri Kinkar

23 Oct 2017


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I’m excited to announce that this month brought some well-deserved recognition for the people at Messente, as we reached high rankings in a couple “top company” lists in our industry.

They say that companies are not built with receiving awards in mind. We’re ecstatic to know that we’ve been able to help our growing list of customers achieve business goals in several varying markets. 

Although, it doesn’t hurt to be recognized, and it only emphasizes that our focus on building enterprise-grade communications tools and being receptive to customer needs works. I’m fortunate to have a very talented team that is dedicated to improving our company, challenging themselves to develop as individuals and grow with Messente. It’s great to know that others see us as experts in what we do as well.

Äripäev, Estonia’s leading business newspaper, ranked Messente #2 among the best telecommunications companies in Estonia. As a (growing) team of 12 individuals, that’s more than a pat on the pack. Äripäev’s list is entirely compiled from financial information that illustrates growth rates and general competitiveness. Needless to say, wrapping up the year with such a high ranking amongst the likes of large network operators is motivation for the entire team.

A few weeks ago, Messente ranked #5 most competitive ICT company (information and communications technology) in Estonia. Enterprise Estonia creates this list based on overall competitiveness and includes every company in Estonia’s bustling ICT sector.

Big thanks for the honorable mentions! We're geared up to grow even faster next year.

The second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) impact: Read the full report.

Lauri Kinkar


Lauri makes sure the company keeps moving in the right direction. His spare time is divided between motorcycle trips, floorball and spending time with his kids.

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