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Why Customers Stay

To be completely blunt: They don't. Not forever, at least. Expecting anything else would be a pipe dream. What you can do, though, is extend the duration and the lifetime value of customers.

Here's a common scenario.

Salespeople work diligently on a deal. They prospect for potential customers, manage to jump on a call or few, and if all the pieces fall into place, they secure a win. They bring it home, bringing in new qualified customers. For a company focused on growth, getting the most out of each and every salesperson and expanding that team, makes a lot of sense, but...

What happens after the sale? Is there a plan in place on how to care for customers after acquiring them? How can you best drive up the lifetime value of a customer? How do you retain your customers?

Truly take care of your customers

I mention this as a precaution. When the goal is to grow fast, increase ARR by multitudes, then the easy answer (though, wrong) would be to hire additional salespeople. It’s quite a simple formula if you think about it - more salespeople equals (hopefully) more new customers, more business.

If a thorough post-sale plan is not in place, the churn rates go up significantly (based on our experience). Having a cumulative effect of onboarding new customers, and truly taking care of them, has worked wonders for Messente.

A common structure for most organizations is to bundle Sales and Account Management under one umbrella. At Messente though, with a relatively small team, we've separated them both but still work tightly together. So the end-to-end customer experience is managed by one person and our Chief Of Sales can be more attentive towards sales efforts.

We've forged ahead with this structure because we think it's the path to beat down to 'win' by specializing and offering an authentic service.

In order to beat down our own path, we focus on a few key principles in Account Management, which have been a win-win for both parties (our customers, and us):

  • Remain proactive and bring clarity;

  • Be a business analyst foremost;

  • Forge a human connection;

  • Surpass expectations that didn't exist.

These principles all lay the groundwork for keeping churn rates low, increase the lifetime value of customers, and give our clients the best experience of any SMS API provider.

Help your customers achieve their goals

If you want to take it up a notch, then take a look at your company’s champion(s) within your customer’s team. What’s their job? What are their goals?

It usually isn’t doing something revolutionary within the industry or increasing the profitability of the company. More often than not, there are certain KPIs they are after personally. So, if you’re talking to someone in your customer’s team, figure out what their personal KPIs are, and help them achieve those.

Marcus Kallavus
2020-11-30 00:00:00 UTC