Case Study - Barking, Ltd.

Technology startups strive to achieve hypergrowth by creating innovative products that challenge the status quo. Achieving hypergrowth requires selecting business partners that are prepared to scale, at times, without notice. Estonian startup, Barking, learned quickly that vetting partners for scalability and ease of doing business is crucial to their own success.

Reserved Problems Unexpected immediate popularity of appPrevious SMS API could not handle volumePre-pay billing not feasible as SMS use could not be forecasted

Here's the story

Barking officially launched on April 8, 2015. The launch was ushered by a premiere showcase of the Barking platform with the co-founders on Estonian national television (ETV,) on the show, “Ringvaade,” which is an Estonian feature TV show. The audience response was overwhelming, with requests to sign up as the show aired surpassed 4,000.

“We had grand expectations, but we didn’t expect that much traction during the show,” says co-founder Ott Reinhold.

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While the excitement of a successful launch reeled the co-founders, a problematic issue with the platform surfaced. The SMS API could not handle the volume of requests coming in through the app as user phone numbers needed to be verified. In addition, the SMS and verification partner at the time would only allow Barking to pre-pay for services, and once funds were depleted, the API shut off. As the co-founders could not have forecasted such high demand during launch day, the pre-pay amount could not be determined, which clearly creates uncertainty around the full functionality of the Barking app.

After the launch fluke, Barking clearly needed a new SMS and verification provider which develops an API that can handle hypergrowth. Margus Sütt from Messente proactively approached Ott and his team to determine how he could help alleviate Barking’s problems with SMS and phone number verification.

The company adopted both Messente’s global messaging and user verification APIs. As a partner, Messente’s APIs are part of Barking’s infrastructure, allowing for global growth, as Messente spans over 190 countries and partners with nearly 800 mobile network providers. In addition, the ease of doing business with Messente is appealing, as a post-paid account option is provided for Barking. No longer having to guess SMS usage in advance allows the API to simply keep running. And overall support is included at no additional costs, with Messente’s support and development team has been at Barking’s beck and call since day one.

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