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Collect.Net builds software around Cleveron's ( parcel terminals to create an open network of automated parcel delivery stations throughout Estonia. With goals to grow throughout Europe, Collect.Net gives everyone the best solution to receive packages, so that packages wait for people and not the other way around.

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  • People prefer to have their items delivered to a secure parcel location near them, rather than a post office or at home. 
  • Use mobile software and Cleveron's PackRobots to automate parcel delivery and retrieval, while optimizing space. 
  • Provide the service securely, while reaching the majority of demographics. 
  • Messente's two-factor authentication and verification API verifies Collect.Net's users and their phone numbers when they sign up. 
  • The SMS messaging gateway removes the requirement to use the mobile app to pick up parcels, opening up the service to more people. Use SMS shortcodes to access packages in Collect.Net's terminals.
  • Send delivery notifications via SMS, informing customers that their parcel is waiting for them.