Make sure every message gets delivered

Verify users. Notify clients. Grow revenue.

  • SMS, Viber & WhatsApp
  • API & online dashboard
  • Starting at €0.01 per message
From cybersecurity to the financial sector, the most demanding industries use Messente
30% cost reduction after sending OTPs globally with Messente.
Launched in 190 countries and increased delivery rates by 35%, on average.
Reduced artificial traffic by 80% and saved more than €8000/month.

Your business-critical messages should be treated with a business-critical mindset

Send notifications, verify users, and create a better customer experience. With industry-leading delivery rates and hands-on support, we’re here to help.

Service with a face

Account managers take a hands-on approach and often feel like an extension of your team.

Total transparency

From pricing to delivery rates, you’ll always know what’s happening with your messages.

Hard anti-fraud stance

We go the extra mile to protect our customer’s business and brand against industry fraud.

Customer advocacy

Our delivery teams constantly lobby for customer interests and fraud protection.
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Happy clients
We’ve got 4.7 stars on Capterra
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Built for demanding industries where every message matters


Verify users and stay compliant with PIN codes and notifications.

Logistics & mobility

Keep customers in the loop with marketing and transactional messages.


Implement KYC and two-factor authentication in minutes.


Manage payment reminders, renewal reminders, and other transactions.


Keep accounts secure with OTPs and two-factor authentication.


Send transactional alerts, reminders, and status updates to users.

A full suite of products for a range of messaging needs

Improve your client communications

Connect with your CRM to send messages via SMS.

Send OTPs via SMS, Viber & WhatsApp instantly

Access any country with Verigator’s pre-registered solution.

Grow revenue with SMS marketing

Create high-performing marketing campaigns with a 98% open rate.

Authenticate users via SMS

Double-check user identities with PIN codes.

Communicate with the masses

Send over 9,000 messages per minute with bulk texting.

Connect with customers via Viber

Send high-performing messages to Viber users with photos, videos, buttons, and more.

Only pay for what you use.

Only pay for what you use. Prices start at €0.01/message

Prices start at €0.01/message

Messente has a pay-as-you-go pricing model. No hidden fees or subscriptions.

When your message matters, we make sure it gets to the customer

Veriff increased global deliverability by 35%

Veriff’s giving its clients the best service possible with Messente.

Tise saved over €8000 per month

We helped Tise uncover artificially inflated traffic—and get rid of it for good.

Onde is building a country-to-country strategy

Onde uses Verigator to quickly onboard new customers in 80+ countries.

Get started with the business messaging platform you never have to worry about

Focus on growth and operations, not messaging management. Messente lets you rest easy knowing your messages get delivered, every time.