Messente is a mass texting service

Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting

ArrowAuthenticate users with 90+% delivery rate
ArrowSend marketing messages globally
ArrowFree account manager for timely support
Send business-critical messages reliably to anywhere.
190+ countries and 800+ operators.

Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting

Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting
High deliverability
With Messente's mass texting service, you can rest assured that your business-critical PIN codes, timely notifications and marketing messages are delivered right into your customers’ hands.  Our customers often achieve delivery rates as high as 98%.

Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting
Competitive pricing
Messente provides volume-based pricing for mass text messaging with free credits included to try it out before scaling. Mass text prices vary according to country and volume.  You can calculate pricing here or get a quote for tailored pricing.
Omnichannel solutions
Send mass text messages via SMS or other over-the-top channels such as Viber. Reach your customers on their channel of choice with fallback options. Find out more in our documentation

Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting

We give you the tools to reach customers globally


Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting
No Hidden Fees
Fair and transparent pricing. No setup or subscription fees to worry about. Pay only for the messages that you send.
Free Support
Get in touch with a real person when you have questions or need a hand. Included free with all of our services.
Adaptive Routing
Your messages arrive fast thanks to smart routing algorithms which determine the quickest delivery or rerouting channels.
Complete Analytics
See how your messages are performing in the online dashboard. View campaign history, delivery reports and more.
SMS Campaign Tools
Run targeted campaigns with tools like message preview, templates, scheduling, unsubscribe links and CRM integration.
Built to Scale
Trust an easy-to-integrate, enterprise-grade API to handle any volume of messages your company needs ­as you grow.

Reliable mass texting platform built to scale


Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting
High network throughput
Send as many mass text messages as you need with fast and reliable deliverability. With Messente, you can send up to 100,000 text messages per second.

Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting
Direct connections
The user receives a unique one-time verification code by text via Messente’s systems. This is sent and received more or less instantly.

Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting
Exceptional customer support
Your server uses the API to send the inputted code back to Messente for verification. If it matches the original code, user verification is completed.

What our clients say

 We have a 4.8 star rating on Capterra

Messente is built for every use case

Our mass texting service fits with your business need no matter the use case
financial-services parcel-delivery ecommerce healthcare hospiltality
Financial Services
Offer increased security, stay compliant, and grow your business with OTPs and marketing messages.
Parcel Delivery
Make sure that every package gets received and decrease alternative costs with SMS notifications.
Send shipping notifications and marketing offers to increase customer LTV.
Create personalised appointment reminders to decrease no-shows and protect your income.
Send booking information, manage reservations, and create marketing campaigns to improve customer service and increase revenue.

Value that can't be matched


What are mass texting services?

Mass texting is a communication strategy that helps your business send SMS messages to a large number of people within seconds. Segment your audiences and filter your mass texts to reach the right audience at the right time. Send your first mass text message today.

What’s Messente’s network throughput?

When sending mass text messages, it’s essential to know what your network throughput is. Network throughput is how many mass texts you can send per second, and it depends largely on the mobile operator. With Messente you can send over 100,000 mass texts per second.

Where can I send mass text messages?

You may send messages to all your business clients who have opted in for that form of communication. Our Omnichannel API and direct connections with over 800 mobile operators worldwide allow you to send mass text messages globally.

What channels can I use for mass texting?

Messente has built a state-of-the-art messaging platform that works via an Omnichannel API supporting SMS, Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram messaging. More mass messaging channels are being added as we develop our range of business messaging products.

How much does Messente’s mass texting services cost?

With Messente, you can send SMS messages from 0.001€ per text message. However, SMS or mass SMS pricing largely depends on your business’s text messaging volumes. You can calculate your pricing here or request a quote using our web form for volume pricing.

How many messages are considered mass texting?

If you send over 10,000 mass text messages per month, that's already considered a mass texting volume. Whether you need to send just 1 text message per day through our dashboard or need to deliver mass texting campaigns with 100,000 messages, we've got you covered.

Who offers the best mass text messaging service?

There are countless text messaging providers around the world but what sets Messente apart from the rest of the competition is our partnership approach. We offer free support to all our customers and account managers at no cost when opting for our mass text messaging service.

Can I send a mass text message on my own just once?

Yes. With Messente's dashboard, you can send a mass text message on your own. Our mass SMS service is easy to use, and you can get started for free. Send your mass text message once or as many times as you like as long as you have your customers' phone numbers and opt-ins.

Can I personalise my text messages when sending mass SMS?

Yes. Mass text messaging doesn't need to be boring. When sending mass SMS messages or any kind of text message with Messente, you can personalise your text messaging with tags such as your clients' first names or any other relevant data.

Can I send mass text messaging without opt-in from customers?

No. Text messaging without your customers' consent is just as bad as sending spam text messages to strangers which is against the telephone consumer protection act or GDPR. Make sure all your text message recipients have given permission to receive SMS marketing.

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Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting


Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting

Expand Your Business with 5x ROI from Mass Texting