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How to Choose the Best Mass Texting Service

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A mass texting service enables you to send a single text message to large groups of subscribers. Also known as bulk texting, this type of service is used by many types of businesses that want to send a blanket communication to their target audience. Read on to discover the benefits of mass texting, different scenarios in which it’s commonly used and tips on how to choose a service provider.

What is a mass text service?

Sending SMS messages to large groups is the perfect communication strategy. Businesses in a variety of industries have used bulk SMS service providers to send alerts and reminders to customers' mobile phones. 

You can select to divide these groups by some criteria or simply send mass text messages to the whole group at the same time. And with Messente's automated text messages feature you can even schedule messages and set your SMS strategy on autopilot.

Benefits of a mass text messaging service

Mass texting services are highly convenient and can save a tremendous amount of time when sending out communications. Imagine a retail store wanting to tell all its customers about a fantastic sale running over the weekend. It would be virtually impossible to inform all customers by a mass text message if the process had to be done manually.

Yes, this retail business could send an email campaign instead, or put out an announcement on social media. Still, the impact of those communications wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective as a text message. Text messages are widely known to have an open rate of 98%, which is nearly five times more than the average email open rate.

Mass texting with Messente

Another benefit of a mass texting service is that it’s affordable and scalable. Usually, you’ll pay for the number of texts you want to send monthly, taking into account the destination country where your subscribers reside. For instance, Messente’s pricing model for sending texts to the United Kingdom is €0.035 per SMS. So to send 500 one-way messages to the UK, the monthly cost is just €17.50.

Finally, getting set up with a mass texting service is very straightforward and quick to do. It’s a case of choosing the right provider, creating an account, uploading a list of contacts (who’ve given you permission to be contacted by SMS) and then creating and sending your text message campaign.

Use cases for mass texting

As we’ve touched on, mass texting is useful if you want to send out bulk marketing messages. It’s also commonly used by organisations to send business-critical information to customers and employees. Here are some specific use cases for mass SMS.

1. Get more sales

Mass texting is ideal for informing customers about special offers, flash sales, loyalty discounts and new product launches. You can include a link to a dedicated landing page within your text message. See how Dwell does it below.

Dwell SMS marketing example

2. Increase brand awareness

You can help build recognition for your products or services through mass texting campaigns. Consistency is the key to brand awareness, so a tactical approach could be to send one blanket text per week over a couple of months to ensure your brand is front of mind. The greater brand awareness you have, the more successful your business will be.

3. Capture customer feedback

A mass texting service is invaluable for sending out feedback requests. It’s so quick and easy for consumers to respond – you can even send out a whole series of questions this way. See this example below from Vodafone. Alternatively, you could direct subscribers to your website to leave a detailed review.

Customer survey SMS example

4. Reduce no-shows for events and appointments

If you’re running an external or internal event, mass texts can be used to deliver joining instructions that confirm the date, time and location of the event. It’s routinely used to send out reminders for face-to-face or online appointments; helpful for service-based businesses like healthcare clinics, beauty salons and estate agents.

5. Increase customer engagement

More than 50% of consumers would prefer to contact customer support by text message. A mass texting service can be used for two-way conversations. You can send an initial blanket message inviting your subscribers to get in touch by text.

6. Account updates and alerts

Order confirmations, shipping notifications and balance alerts can all be issued via a mass texting service. In this example from Amex, there’s also a link to download the Amex mobile app. Not only does the message keep the customer informed, but it also drives engagement and more app downloads by linking directly to the app in the Google Play store.

App download SMS example with QR code

7. Emergency notifications

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all of the UK’s mobile networks worked with the government to send out a ‘stay at home’ text message. Millions of people were contacted in this way. While this is an extreme example, mass texting is essential when you need to inform employees or customers about a crisis situation. For example, a power outage at the office might mean that staff need to work from home temporarily. A blanket text could be sent instantly so that everyone affected could be notified.

Considerations when choosing a mass texting service provider

Here’s a checklist of questions you might want to work through to ensure you choose a service provider that aligns with your requirements:

  • Does the provider offer a simple application interface? Make sure the application and dashboard are easy to navigate and use so you can create and send text messages quickly.

  • How does the provider’s SMS delivery rate stack up? While some external factors can affect SMS delivery, you’ll want to check out your provider’s reach to ensure mass texting can be done reliably, quickly and globally. Ask for real-time delivery statistics and review client case studies before making a decision.

  • How will the provider keep your data secure? Data security is a big concern, given stringent data protection regulations, such as the GDPR. Check how the provider collects, stores and processes data relating to you and your subscribers.

  • Is the provider well established? For peace of mind, choose a mass texting service provider that’s been around for a while and has built up a reputation for being reliable. Evaluate the level of support available for both you and your developer in case you run into problems.

In summary, why use a mass texting service?

SMS technology works even when there is no internet connection. With low-cost rates per SMS, this is one of the most popular options for advertising today. 

Keep all interested contacts informed, generate interest and build relations. This method saves the industry from wasting time on emailing or other traditional outreach sources. 

Text messaging is the best communication channel across the planet. Text messages are free and simple to send so what are you waiting for, by taking the above points into account you can choose the best way to grow your business.

Mass texting with Messente

Messente’s easy-to-use SMS API supports mass texting in more than 190 countries around the world. We offer smart routing algorithms for quick SMS delivery or rerouting. Our two-way messaging feature allows your customers to interact and reply to your texts, helping to boost engagement and ultimately, business growth. 

And because Messente is an enterprise-grade, fully scalable solution, you can start off small and rest assured that Messente can handle any volume of text messages as your business grows.

Check out Messente for yourself today – create a free account.

Taavi Rebane
2021-11-15 00:00:00 UTC