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Ultimate SMS Lead Generation Guide to Getting Customers Today

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To grow and be successful, your company requires a steady stream of leads. But you cannot get to those leads without establishing proper contact with your target audience first, and SMS is one of the best channels of communication. It is up close and personal and has the potential to really speak to your potential customers.

Text message marketing allows you to take control and improve your lead generation efforts. But many businesses avoid using SMS as a marketing channel because they believe it is costly or they don't know how to. We are here to tell you that all you need are the correct strategies to assist you in taking advantage of the vast potential of SMS lead generation.

SMS lead generation: Why you should be texting leads

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Using text for marketing is an excellent approach to establish trust and stay in touch with clients. One of the most essential reasons for using SMS for lead generation is that it makes it simple and fast to reach your target audience. It is far more likely that customers will open an SMS once it has been delivered to their phones rather than read an email.

Because SMS messages are easier to read and much shorter in length, texting leads can help you achieve a click-through rate of roughly 19%, whereas when it comes to emails, only about 3.2 per cent of people open the links. According to a report by Venture Beat, almost 90% of texts get opened within three minutes of delivery.

Handling the first and most important stage of lead generation, which is getting in touch with your customers, is something that you can definitely count on through text messaging. In a report by Pew Research Center 97% of Americans own different mobile devices and rely on them to have access to the internet. The most common activity performed on a smartphone is texting.

Users like texting and expect businesses to reach out to them about all kinds of opportunities via text. In fact, in a survey conducted by Tech Jury, 75% of clients wanted firms to text them about special offers. You can use business texting to reach out to people of all ages, and there is a good chance that those people would want to get back to you via text too!

How does SMS marketing generate leads: Winning tactics

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SMS marketing is a profitable tool because of its immediacy and accessibility. People respond and engage with SMS differently in contrast to other types of communication. Since many new marketers don't grasp the full potential that SMS lead generation campaigns bear, how it works, and the opportunities it brings, they don't really know where to begin.

Here is how you can best utilise SMS marketing for successfully generating leads.

Good timing

SMS marketing and campaigns are immediate and send information to the audience instantly. However, timing is one of the most important aspects that might impact their performance.

You could be sending out incredible offers and the best material written, but if it is timed wrong, your whole efforts will most likely go to waste. The text should be delivered just enough in advance such that the customer remembers it and acts on it.

For example, during the weekdays, the best times to deliver the message are from 9 to 12 in the morning and from 5 to 9 in the evening.

In the morning, before work, people will likely check their messages and read them as the day begins, whereas in the evening, people will have finished work and will be on their phones. During the weekends, the best time for you to send bulk SMS and for your audience to receive messages is from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., before they have made their weekend plans.

Engaging with customers

SMS marketing helps develop a loyal customer base. Due to its efficiency and ease of access via mobile phones, it is a more powerful communication medium in contrast to other platforms.

Furthermore, bulk text messaging allows you to break down boundaries and catch the customer's attention more effectively than any other method.

It is also important that the content being sent to the customers is mixed up a bit. For example, if you own a restaurant, there are many different types of messages you can send, including announcements for menu updates, new outlet launches, and special attention-grabbing offers, to make the experience more interesting for the customer.

In addition, using SMS keywords will aid in the evaluation of your campaign's engagement and performance. By providing links to your audience, you can encourage them to connect with your company.

Knowing the audience

This is one of the most important factors to successfully generate leads through SMS marketing. To use text message marketing to its full potential, you must interact directly with your customer base.

You can personalize the texts and make your recipients feel like they are dealing with a one-on-one situation by including their names, encouraging them to take further action on their specific yet forgotten shopping carts, etc.

Knowing your audience and advertising your brand and products to a customer base that is actually interested in them will get you better results rather than overlooking this step and wasting your efforts on people who might have no use for what you are selling. For example, if you are trying to market baby products, then perhaps your target audience should consist of people in their 20s and 30s who have a higher potential of being new parents.

Delivering fast text messages

SMS marketing is a dependable and rapid method of spreading information about your products and business, which helps in the improvement and speed of conversion rates.

Nothing can compare to the speed of texting, with the average time being less than 7 seconds between sending and receiving for all mobile operators.

There is, however, one aspect you should be careful of. Be patient and space out your texts carefully in order to not spam your leads and overwhelm them with too much information over a short period of time.

How do I start (using Messente)

Getting started with sending automated SMS requires a little manual work, but with the help of Messente, you will be able to achieve your goal in no time.

Signing up with an SMS service that provides messaging API for connection with your CRM system is the best option. When using Messente, you must first create an account and obtain your API key.

You can try the API for free due to the credits given to your account after opening. The second step requires the confirmation of your identity as a sender by registering your phone number or brand name. This way we are able to prevent those that mean harm and distinguish real users.

Best practices

The effectiveness of SMS marketing for lead generation is endless, and it is best done when implementing the following certain practices.

Maintain a stable number of texts sent

When it comes to SMS, one thing that you must do is send messages regularly. If you don't send enough text messages, it can cause people to forget why they signed up. People prefer when you message regularly since you keep them informed and updated on any changes, discounts, and more. The messages will most likely be undesired if they come unexpectedly and not regularly.

Include shortcodes

Shortcodes are designed for business use for bulk messaging. You will need a short code (which is a 5 to 6-digit phone number) if you are using SMS for large-scale marketing. They also help to send texts way faster than with ordinary phone numbers.

Make sure to get permission

You must make sure you have people's consent before you start sending out text messages. You could be facing legal action and ruin your reputation if you do not have their express consent. In addition, you could get their consent by keyword and written approval. Through keywords, which are the most direct means of acquiring consent, the customer can simply opt in and therefore give permission by texting that specific word to your mobile number.


Subscribing to your texts once should not bind leads for life. You have to offer your audience the option of unsubscribing to your services in case they happen to lose interest or are no longer looking for whatever you were selling. By giving leads a chance to opt out of being sent marketing materials by simply texting the phrase "STOP" to a specified shortcode, you can build invaluable credibility and trust for your brand.

SMS lead generation ideas

Here are a few ideas to help you and your brand reach your audience through SMS marketing and generate leads.

Send a welcome message

Sending a welcome message when the customer first signs up can be quite beneficial since they can describe why the customer should keep receiving SMS alerts and send customers to your website to browse further. Remember to keep the texts short since customers will most likely read them in contrast to a longer and more complicated text.

Inform customers about future sales

Let your subscribers know when you are preparing for a flash sale. This way, they will make sure to be available when the sale takes place. You can even include flyers to give the customers an idea of what the products on sale will be.

Request for reviews

Ask for performance reviews from your customers to improve your professional image and local presence, in case the audience is not happy with your services. This shows your audience that you truly have their best interests at heart and want to listen to them.


Here are some ideas of how organizations can engage with clients using the most convenient and exclusive form of marketing.

Incorporate a sense of urgency in your audience

Remind your audience that there is an expiration date on all your promotional messages. For example, customers will be quicker to take action, i.e., make a purchase, if they know the offer will only last for a few days.

Send birthday wishes and loyalty rewards

People like to feel special on their birthdays. It’s a great idea to provide a birthday gift to customers on their special day. This will definitely make your customers feel unique and develop a huge fondness for your brand.

Promote event invitations

Invite your customers to special events that your brand is hosting and continue to send them additional details about the event after they have already registered.

Don’t forget your call to action

A CTA, which stands for "call to action," refers to the next action that the marketer wants the customer to perform and can be very direct, such as "Read More", "Buy Now", or "Download Now".

CTAs come in a variety of forms, including buttons, hyperlinks, or plain text. A call to action prompts and encourages consumers to make a choice and proceed with the conversion step.

They are vital to your campaign because if you don't include CTAs in your content, then the user will be left wondering what to do since there isn't a clear “next step” laid out for them.

It doesn't matter if your material and delivery are amazing; if you don't have an engaging CTA given at the right moment, you might be losing possible customers.


SMS marketing still remains one of the top options to stay connected with your customers and maintain a steady relationship with them in the long term.

It also serves as a great channel to generate leads if one takes advantage of important aspects of a successful SMS marketing campaign such as timing, delivery speed, and target audience definition.

Additionally, practices such as using shortcodes for your promotional text messages, opt-ins, and sending loyalty rewards to your long-term customers could further help you generate leads for your business.

Taavi Rebane
2022-11-24 00:00:00 UTC