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We help companies from different industries talk to their clients. The smart messaging API we have built allows any mobile or web app to send messages to anyone on the planet.

This means that every day our platform is used in over a million business processes from Singapore to Peru. And we get to work with some of the most inspiring global companies as our partners and customers.

Proud owners of a Remote Working Badge given to remote work friendly companies in Estonia

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Work in Tartu

Tartu is our HQ where we share our cosy building with a few other top-notch IT companies and startups.


Our Tallinn office is located in the center of Telliskivi creative city - home of the vibrant Estonian startup scene.

 or a coworking space

We'll pay for your table at a coworking space in whichever country you choose to work from remotely.

Why Work Here?

Our benefits go beyond free food and flexible schedules. We invest in people so they can live their best lives at work and at home.

Keeping it flexible

We’re here to make things happen, not to track your office hours.

The opportunity to manage your own time reflects our commitment to making it easy to integrate your career with the rest of your life.

Keeping it real

Fewer distractions, better focus – we keep an eye on having as little red tape as possible.

If you need to discuss something, just ask. If you have an idea, share it. If you need a vacation, take it.

Keeping it healthy

Our “Menu a la carte” brings you cool gadgets that help relax, stay healthy or improve productivity – your choice.

Our fridges are full of good stuff 24/7. You can always grab a snack if you feel low on fuel.

Keeping on learning & growing

Once you join us, you’ll surely grow with us. You can have a personal impact on our business from early on.

We go out of our way to create a culture of learning and self-development.

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