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Send bulk SMS anywhere in the world

  • 197 countries
  • 9,000 messages/minute
  • Starting at €0.01/message
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From cybersecurity to the financial sector, the most demanding industries use Messente
30% cost reduction after sending OTPs globally with Messente.
Launched in 190 countries and increased delivery rates by 35%, on average.
Reduced artificial traffic by 80% and saved more than €8000/month.

Send messages at scale

With an exceptionally high throughput of 150 messages/second, Messente’s bulk SMS service lets you communicate with the masses.

Only pay for what you use

When you send millions of messages, every fraction of a cent counts. Messente works on a pay-as-you-go basis, so you only pay for what you send.

High-touch support for high-volume messaging

We’re so much more than just a faceless platform. You’ll get a dedicated account manager who will feel like an extension of your team.

Everything you need in a bulk SMS provider

SMS campaign tools

Preview and schedule texts, create messages with templates, include unsubscribe links, and more.

Built to scale

Send as many messages as you want. The enterprise-grade API can handle any challenge you throw at it.

Smart routing

The API’s intelligent algorithms automatically route messages through the most reliable channel.

High volumes? No problem.

Complete analytics

Track your messaging efforts in an online dashboard.

Global reach

Send messages in 190+ markets via 800+ network operators.

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4.7 stars
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 4.7 stars

Built for industries where every message matters

From our high-touch customer support to our industry-leading delivery rates, Messente's Bulk SMS Service is the best fit for companies that send mission-critical messages—even if they are in millions.


Verify new users and send support notifications.


Send transactional alerts and OTPs to users.


Send payment reminders, support, and transactional messages.


Remind customers about important dates.

Logistics & mobility

Let users track packages, vehicles, and more.


Protect users and verify identities easily.

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