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The text blast service that works everywhere

  • 197 countries
  • 9,000 messages/minute
  • Starting at €0.01/message
From cybersecurity to the financial sector, the most demanding industries use Messente
30% cost reduction after sending OTPs globally with Messente's Verigator.
Launched in 190 countries and increased delivery rates by 35%, on average.
Uses Verigator to send 400+ OTPs daily in strictly regulated markets.

Send text blasts with confidence

Reach your audience securely and at scale. Messente lets you send a nearly limitless number of messages to Viber and SMS users around the world.

Only pay for what you use

When you’re sending millions of messages, every cent counts. You pay for Messente on an up-front credit basis, so you always know how much it will cost.

More than a faceless platform

Send messages without any stress. Your dedicated account manager will feel like an extension of your team and resolve issues quickly.

Everything you need in text blast software

Helpful analytics

Data at a glance. We’ll take the data from operators and turn it into a beautiful dashboard for you.

Customization options

Personalize and localize your messages. If you use Viber, you can even add rich media to your message.

Audience segmentation

Target subsections of your audience with the right message. You can even schedule messages for certain times.

High volumes? No problem.

9,000 messages/minute

Send as many messages as you want. The text blast service can handle them all.

Industry-leading delivery rates

Rest easy knowing that your messages will make it to customers.

You’re in good company

4.7 stars
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 4.7 stars

When every message matters, we’re here to help

From verifying new account users to authenticating financial transactions, Messente’s a best fit for highly regulated, high-volume industries


Send updates to your entire user base in seconds.


Alert customers to security threats or promotions.


Send status updates, alerts, and transactional messages.


Inform customers about policy changes or company news.

Logistics and mobility

Send mass promotional messages to engage with customers.


Send important alerts to your users’ preferred channels.

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