Verigator is a turnkey solution for sending one-time passwords 

Start sending OTPs worldwide instantly

Arrow No time-consuming registration processes
Arrow SMS, Viber and WhatsApp
Arrow Improved performance by up to 30%

Verigator is used by leading companies in finance, cybersecurity, logistics, and more

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Instantaneous time-to-market

With Verigator’s pre-registered sender name and message templates, you can send OTPs right away to virtually anywhere in the world.

Send OTPs from just 0.02€ per message

Verigator uses smart routing to ensure your message is always sent via the most cost-effective channel. Traffic volumes and message destinations determine the final prices per message.

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No policies or complex regulations

Verigator eliminates the need to deal with the vastly varying policies of nearly 1,000 mobile operators globally. With Verigator, there’s no template registration required, no service availability hurdles, and no legal concerns.

Access to the most complicated regions  

Multiple channels are available (SMS, WhatsApp, Viber and counting) to ensure you reach your ultimate goal – OTPs being delivered to recipients' handsets even in the most complex markets.

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How Verigator works

Verigator is Messente’s turnkey service, which takes advantage of our long-established connections with mobile operators and partners.

It lets you send OTPs without any setup or registration, so you can start sending them immediately, even in remote areas.

And it combines SMS, Whatsapp, and Viber to automatically send PIN codes via the most reliable and cost-effective channel.

 With the help of Verigator, you can:

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Improve delivery rates
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Get more authentications

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Start sending OTPs instantly
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Automatic fall-back to ensure deliverability 

Verigator prefers OTT channels for enhanced message deliverability as it bypasses mobile operators via the internet. If the apps are unavailable, it reverts to SMS.

Upgraded security with encrypted communications 

OTT channels provide encrypted communications for added security, preventing message interception and ensuring customer peace of mind.


What Our Clients Say

 We have a 4.8 star rating on Capterra


How long does it take to set up Verigator?

Verigator enables you to start sending OTPs almost instantly. There are no legal contracts, template whitelisting, or sender registration needed. So, instead of weeks or months down the line, you can potentially start sending messages tomorrow.

Which channels can I use with Verigator?

Currently, we offer SMS, Viber, and Whatsapp with Verigator. We’re working on adding more channels in the future, such as Telegram, Zalo, etc.

What if the recipient doesn’t have WhatsApp or Viber installed?

In these cases, Verigator falls back to alternative channels until the message is delivered. SMS, which is universally used by everyone with a mobile phone, and doesn’t need installation, is one of them.

Can I send marketing messages with Verigator?

No, Verigator is for OTPs only, not marketing or transactional messages. Verigator uses a fixed template purely for OTPs.

What is the ‘sender name’, and can I have my own sender ID?

The sender name is usually ‘Verigator’, with exceptions in countries where named senders are not possible. In that case, it will be a short phone number. You can't use your own sender name for this service.

What if users aren’t familiar with looking for OTPs in messaging apps?

This is a common misconception. Typically, users get their OTP from a push notification, and then it doesn't really matter if the code was sent via SMS, WhatsApp or any other messaging app. Often, the number of user authentications will improve as OTP messages are sent via the channels with the highest deliverability.

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