Viber Business Messages

Reach 1 billion users with Viber for Business

  • Send images, videos, and links
  • Hands-on support and setup
  • Starting at €0.01/message
From cybersecurity to the financial sector, the most demanding industries use Messente
30% cost reduction after sending OTPs globally with Messente.
Launched in 190 countries and increased delivery rates by 35%, on average.
Reduced artificial traffic by 80% and saved more than €8000/month.

Meet your audience on their preferred channel

With over 1 billion users around the world, Viber is the preferred messaging app for millions. Messente helps you access this channel and send messages, fast.

It’s easy to get started


Sign up with Messente

Fill in the form below, and we’ll kickstart the process. An account manager will guide you through the first part of the setup, then we’ll take over for registration.

Connect your system with the API

Connect to Messente through our Omnichannel API. Thorough documentation means you can be up and running in a few hours.

Register with Viber

We’ll help you with every step. Your account manager will gather all the information we need to get you a verified Viber Business profile.

Onboard new customers

In just a few days you’ll be ready to send rich media messages to millions of people. We’ll make sure every message gets delivered.

Transactional messages

Keep customers informed with OTPs, status updates, confirmation messages, and more.

Promotional messages

Get your list excited about new campaigns. You can use rich media like videos to make the messages stand out.

Two-way communication

Use Viber to solve support tickets, answer questions about campaigns, or simply survey your audience. Coming soon!

Packed with features for a brilliant messaging experience

Detailed reporting

Quickly check open rates and see who has viewed your messages in your dashboard.

Rich media

Viber lets you send images, videos, links, and more — and gives you 1000 characters to work with.

9,000 messages/minute

Send all the messages you want. Viber can handle any challenge you throw at it.

Official account recognition

Your branding and the official blue tick mark signal authenticity to Viber users.

With hands-on support that keeps customers around for years

When every hour of downtime counts, you need a service team you can trust.

Built for industries where messaging is business-critical

When you need OTPs to keep accounts safe and onboard new customers, and if you need every message to get to its destination, we might be a good fit.







Try it for free

Get in touch today, and someone from our team will set you up with some free trial credits. Just fill in the form to get started.

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