The predictability of the finance and fintech industries has never been more important than in 2024.

Knowing what to expect might save your business from falling behind or worse — dying out. The trends are not only reshaping the industry but also paving the way for new opportunities. To make clear decisions, you must first understand the key innovations.

Join us to explore the top 5 biggest trends shaping the future of finance and fintech in 2024 & 2025.

We are going live on June 13th at 12:00 PM (CET). Scroll down to register and save your spot!

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Trends you’ll learn about in this live session

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

    • Advanced data analytics, personalized services, fraud detection, and automation of repetitive tasks. Generative AI is expected to significantly boost productivity and innovation in banking and finance.

  2. Embedded Finance

    • Embedded finance, where financial services are seamlessly integrated into non-financial platforms and apps, has been a top trend for a while now. It provides convenience to customers and opens up new revenue streams for businesses. Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) models are the key.

  3. Open Banking

    • Open banking, powered by APIs, is enabling greater collaboration, innovation, and competition in financial services. It allows seamless data sharing, embedded finance use cases, and the emergence of new fintech players and business models.

  4. Blockchain and Digital Assets

    • Blockchain technology is driving the rise of digital assets like cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and enabling asset tokenization. While the crypto market has faced volatility, increasing institutional adoption and evolving regulations point to the continued mainstreaming of digital assets in the future financial landscape.

  5. Super Apps

    • Explore how companies like Nubank, Revolut, Klarna, and others are trying to replicate the success of WeChat, aiming to offer multiple financial services within a single app.

Who's this for

This event is open to all finance and fintech professionals. It will be particularly valuable for marketing and product leaders, fintech enthusiasts and anyone keen on staying ahead of industry trends.

Featured guest

We're excited to have Linas Beliūnas join us as a guest.  

Linas is a FinTech executive and strategist.

He is currently part of Flutterwave, where he's scaling the business and leading the company's expansion into Europe. Flutterwave is a Mastercard, VISA, Greycroft, Y Combinator, and Worldpay FIS-backed payments technology company headquartered in San Francisco simplifying payments in Africa for endless possibilities.

Flutterwave is trusted by leading companies like Uber, Meta, Wise, Netflix, and Airbnb, among other 100,000+ businesses.

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