In 2024, customers no longer perceive financial services as just a necessity. Instead, with the pressure of economic decline, they long for more clarity, a sense of security, and control over their financial matters.

To offer that, you first must have clarity and control over your client communication systems.

Learn how to build customer trust and loyalty through advanced business messaging strategies and how to avoid the most common mistakes that can turn your efforts into a compliant, regulatory, and monetary headache.

Join us on May 24th at 12:15 PM (CET). Scroll down to register and save your spot!

What you’ll learn from this live session

  • Why compliance is the foundation of trust in financial business messaging

  • How maintaining a pristine database enhances compliance and communication efficiency

  • Strategies to optimize business messaging for cost-effectiveness and client engagement

  • Where have other banks and fintech companies failed hard, and how did they recover

Who's this for

The event is open to all financial industry professionals. It will be especially helpful for marketers, CMOs, and other client-facing functions using business messaging tools (such as SMS, Viber, WhatsApp) to communicate with customers.

Featured guest

We're joined by Rupert Bedell on this topic.

Rupert Bedell is a renowned financial industry marketer with over 25 years of experience, having held key positions at major banks like Barclays, HSBC, NatWest, and American Express. As Chief Marketing Officer at companies like Moneycorp, Unum Insurance, and Paysend, he specializes in brand and digital transformation, overseeing acquisition and retention programs for millions of clients. Based in London, Rupert is a devoted family man, married with three sons.

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