At the end of last year, we released the first beta version of our upcoming Phonebook API in a longer series of Application Programmable Interfaces (API's) that allow you to extend Messente's capabilities outside our Dashboard.

The first feature available in Phonebook API is the /blacklist/ endpoint. In addition, we will be soon releasing another feature before the full release of the API. But for now, let’s talk about the blacklist.

Your friendly security guard - Blacklist

Think of the Blacklist as your friendly Security Guard on the door who scans all passers-by and stops everyone on his list.

Previously the only way to update this list was via Phonebook in our web Dashboard as seen below:

Blacklist optrion in Messente's Dashboard

Syncing Blacklist with your CRM

Now, instead of having to search the number in Phonebook and checking the checkbox, you can use the Phonebook API to automatically add any number instantly to the Blacklist from your CRM.

Check out this example from our Phonebook API documentation:

Of course, you can also remove the numbers from blacklist or fetch the whole blacklist - just refer to the Phonebook API documentation page.

Making the Blacklist work for you

Having the new building blocks provided by Phonebook API, you can make use of the Blacklist in numerous ways.

As with API's in general, they allow you to automate tasks which in turn speeds things up and makes it less error-prone. Here are some examples of how you can start using the Phonebook API's blacklisting feature right now:

  • An automated way of syncing your Blacklist with CRM - no need to manually update/upload them in the web interface
  • Making sure no accidental SMS is sent to the phone number after they have opted out by replying with Inbound Message or using a custom web form (looking at you, GDPR)
  • Cost optimization by blacklisting a phone number that is invalid according to Delivery Report or Number Lookup API


If you are using the Blacklist in some other way to improve your workflow, share it with us in the comments section below!

Getting access to Phonebook API

If you already have your Messente API username and password, you can use the existing credentials to make requests to phonebook API.

For new users, just sign up for your free Messente account on the Registration page - no credit card details needed!

Upcoming Phonebook API functionality

As you may have guessed, blacklisting will not be the only feature Phonebook API supports. In upcoming months, we will be releasing the full Phonebook API functionality that allows you to manage your contacts and groups using the same API.

Stay tuned for more!