We are happy to announce the integration of InvoiceBerry with Messente’s services. InvoiceBerry's online invoicing software was carefully designed with small businesses in mind. It simplifies and improves the entire invoicing process through the creation and easy sharing of professional-looking invoices and quotes.

InvoiceBerry offers:

  • Straightforward expense tracking and reporting

InvoiceBerry's software allows for tracking business expenses and outstanding payments in one place. Add scans of receipts, sort by categories and gain insights into exactly where your money is going. You're also able to generate client, payment, expense and tax summary reports for any given time period.

  • Convenient payment options

InvoiceBerry invoices allow users to fully integrate Stripe, Square, Paypal and in-house WePay payment options. This means when an invoice is sent to a customer, all they need to do is follow the unique automatically generated link that takes them to a page where payment information can be entered and immediately processed.    

  • Guaranteed safety and security

Thanks to InvoiceBerry’s SSL encryption technology, users can rest assured when making and receiving online payments via their invoices. Constant backups of cloud data add an extra layer of security and peace of mind ensuring that no information ever gets lost.

  • Impressive designs

Last but not least, the convenient delivery of professional-looking invoices is what InvoiceBerry is all about. A variety of pre-designed templates and colour options makes it simple to customize according to any business' needs. Best of all your business logo and contact information needs to only be entered once but will remain consistent across all future invoices. 

How to integrate Messente with InvoiceBerry

Thanks to the integration with the popular online automation tool, Zapier, InvoiceBerry customers are able to connect their account with over 2,000 other software applications, including the Messente messaging API and authentication service. Users can reap the benefits of being able to send out invoice related SMS message notifications and marketing campaigns alike.

To integrate Messente with InvoiceBerry simply click on the Settings button in the Dashboard menu. This will take you to a sub-menu that contains all customization options inclusive of the Integrations button which is shaped like four interconnected puzzle pieces. Once selected, a list of all the available software applications will appear.

Search for Messente and then press “Use this zap.” You'll be greeted by a confirmation screen that gives a quick summary of what functionality is available with that particular “Zap”. Select “Create this zap” and log into your Messente account.

Next comes the fun part - setting up triggers that will kick off your automations. For example, every time a new invoice is created, you can set it up so an SMS is sent to the specified customer's mobile. The sky's the limit when it comes to selecting the data you want to send from one app to the other.

The final step to complete integration is entering the API key which is provided on the “integration” dashboard of your InvoiceBerry account. Then voilà! In under 5 minutes, you can set up a system that almost guarantees faster payment thanks to convenient automated notifications.

Main use cases:

  • Send an SMS when a new invoice/quote is created in InvoiceBerry

  • Send an SMS in response to a newly created InvoiceBerry client

  • Send an SMS when a new expense is added

  • Send an SMS when a credit note is created

Check out the integration here and let us know who should we integrate with next!