We’ve just launched a direct integration with Salesforce — and it’s pretty cool.

Once it’s set up, it lets you send SMS and Viber messages to contacts directly through the Salesforce app. Each of those messages will show up in a contact’s profile, so everyone on your team can get a complete overview of your communications.

We’ve had an SMS API for years, which teams have used to connect Messente to their CRMs. And our Zapier integrations have made it easy for customers to integrate Messente’s platform directly into the apps they use on a daily basis.

But this new integration takes things a step further. It helps you make Salesforce the single source of truth about all of your customer communications.

Plus, it makes it easier to connect with users on a channel that has a 97% open rate.

The integration is quick, and can be done by anyone on your team. Existing Messente customers just have to find the app in Salesforce’s marketplace and install it, log into Messente once to grab the API key, plug that key back into Salesforce and voilà — you’re done.

Overall, some pretty exciting stuff. 📈

Our mission is to help businesses communicate with their customers securely and at scale – without worrying about the complexity of global messaging and the risks of fraud.

The Salesforce integration is one more step towards removing complexity. You’ll get access to our industry-leading delivery rates and best-in-class support — all from within an app your team already knows and loves.

You can learn more about the new Salesforce integration on this page. Or, as always, our team is here to answer any questions.

Uku Tomikas

CEO of Messente