You probably already have an email signature for outgoing emails to customers and prospects. But have you thought about adding a signature to your business text messages too?

Adding a text message signature is a minor tweak to make to your SMS campaigns and could drastically improve the end-user experience. We explain why in this article and provide some text message signature templates to help you get started.

What is a business text message signature?

A business message signature is a sign-off you can add to your text messages, so your SMS subscribers know who is texting them. Like email signatures, you include your business's contact details, such as your name, department name and/or business name.

You'll only have up to 160 characters to get your message across, so it's best to keep your signature short and sweet, so it doesn't waste valuable character space. You might want to include a personal signature with just your name and department, or only the company name, for instance.

A text message signature can be formal or informal depending on your business type, branding and target audience.

Why and when to use business signatures for texting

It's standard etiquette to provide your business's contact information in all communications. That way, if the recipient has any queries, they know immediately who they should speak to.

SMS signatures provide a way to convey important business contact details and give your messages a more polished and professional look. They also help build trust with leads and customers – they humanise your text messages so the recipient knows you're not a bot (or a fraudster).

A text signature increases brand awareness, especially if you use Verified SMS for Android messaging (which lets you add your logo and other branded elements to your text message).

And finally, the overall message content is more impactful if it's personalised with your details, which can lead to better engagement rates.

When should you use text signatures?

You don't need to add one into every text you send to customers. As long as you add a signature to the first text you send, you can leave it out for follow-up messages to the same person, as they'll then be familiar with who you are.

Where should the signature be placed?

Text message signatures typically appear at the end of your message content, just like you place signatures at the end of letters and emails. However, you can include your signature mid-way through your message or even at the start by way of introduction if it makes sense to do so (see examples in the next section).

Note that you don't need to worry about placement if you're using Verified SMS, as your business name, logo and a verification badge appear in the SMS messaging app header section.

Templates for business text message signatures

Corporate text message signatures

If you're texting on behalf of a corporate enterprise, health organisation, government agency or traditional business, you'll usually need to use a polite, professional and formal tone, with no slang or unnecessary jargon. And this should be reflected in your text message signature.


Hi Ron, here are our latest property rentals [URL]. Would you like to book a viewing? Tom Pearson, Lettings, T&S Estate Agents.

Dear Kelly, this is to remind you that your dental appointment is on 28/07/22 at 9am. If you need to cancel, call 01234 567890. Bridge Dental Practice.

It’s time to review your financial goals and see whether your portfolio is on track, Harry. Book a slot in my diary here: [URL]. Mia Turner, Fund Manager.

Example corporate business text message signature.

Hi Bob, it's Sam Watson from Haven Car Dealers. A used car has arrived at the forecourt that matches your needs. When is good to discuss?

Hi Rae, I'll help you resolve your internet issue today. First, turn your router off for 30 secs. Text OK when done. Anjan, Engineer, Telcom Inc.

Hi Zehra, just to confirm I've booked the Roundhill Room for your conference on 02/08/22. Will you need catering services? Ann, Events Manager, Westbrook Hotel.

Dear Mr Smith, Molly is absent from school today. Please call ASAP to discuss on 01234 567890. Mrs Lions, Deputy Headteacher, Oakwood High.

SMS signatures with taglines or marketing slogans

Space permitting, you can go one step further and include your company's slogan to reinforce brand recognition.


Hi Tom, as a trusted customer, you’re eligible for a credit limit increase. Reply to learn more. Sara, Together Finance, Making Money Work.

Hi Lucy, I’ve a brilliant PR opportunity coming up that’s ideal for your business. Want to discuss? Annie, Star Comms, In PR We Trust.

Hey Clair, further to your wedding photography enquiry, I am available on your Big Day! Would you like to book? JJ Photography, For Life’s Big Moments.

Informal/personal SMS signatures

Sometimes your target audience might appreciate a more personal, casual tone when communicating. In which case, your signature text can also be a bit more informal and even include an emoji.


Hi Holly! Looking forward to seeing you for your hair appointment on Saturday at 10am! Tracey, Super Stylist, Hair Flair.

Hi Ahmed, how are you getting on with the fitness programme we talked about? Remember, you got this! Darren, DB Fit 💪

Save big Lucas this Friday – buy 2 or more large pizzas and get them delivered to your door FREE! Your friends at Pizza Heaven 🍕

Example informal business text message signature.

SMS signatures with Messente

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