Brand is so much more than just your website - and it’s way more than just a marketing activity.

A few years ago, we started to notice that fraud was on the rise across every industry in our portfolio. And the more we dug into the problem, the worse it became.

While fraud is scary for everyone, it’s particularly damaging for larger businesses that send thousands of business-critical messages every month. If attacked, the losses can be staggering. These large companies are also subject to phishing scams targeted at their customers - leading to an erosion of trust in their brand.

Not ones to sit on the sidelines, we immediately went into action mode at Messente. Our product team added enterprise-grade fraud detection to help customers spot attacks as early as possible. Our customer success teams and account managers got even closer to our customers’ teams to help them prevent (and prepare for) attacks. Our commercial teams created content to educate the industry about the risks.

We did a lot. Somewhere along the way though, we realized that our brand was holding us back.

With our increased focus on fighting fraud, our company had changed. We’d gone from being just a messaging provider to something different entirely - a team dedicated to making business messaging worry-free. In our efforts to protect our customers against fraud, we actually improved our delivery rates (average of 98%, the best in the industry), increased transparency, and focused on better, hands-on support with real humans, not robots.

While we’d never done any big branding work before, we knew that our old website and brand didn’t accurately reflect our new stance on the industry or our improved services. Everything about it - from the way we talked about the business, to the actual look and feel of our visual design - was like a t-shirt that was three sizes too small. In some ways it was almost naive, and in other ways it felt stuck 10 years in the past from the early days of the business.

So, after a lot of consideration, we decided it was time to step back and think tactically about what we wanted to put out into the world. The result is our new brand, which I’m excited to announce today.

The new brand is the outcome of a lot of reflection. We’ve had to define who we are as a team and a company, and what we stand for today and in the future. We all had our own ideas. Over the last year, we’ve combined everything together into a cohesive mission that we’re all passionate about.

We’ve reconsidered our messaging, updated our entire website, and updated our visual identity to reflect that we’re no longer just a service provider - we’re an industry changer. Now, we’re ready to bring that passion to the rest of the world.

Our goal is to reach a world where all businesses can have peace of mind around their messaging, without worrying about fraud or complexity. We’ve already filtered out tens of millions in potential damages, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

We can do a lot on our own. But one company can only do so much. All ecosystems are built on relationships and cooperation - and the business messaging landscape is no different. If we want a truly safer business messaging ecosystem where businesses and consumers don’t have to worry about fraud, we have to work together as an industry to build it.

If you’re ready to join us - and we hope you are - give our new website a look. If you have questions, our team is here to help.