Number Verification API

One-time phone number verification with code sent to SMS


Number Verification API takes away the headache of building phone number verification backends. We'll handle sending the SMS, managing verification sessions, and verifying tokens.

You can focus on building the user interface without worrying about the backend logic.

How does it work?

  1. Send the person's phone number to Messente. We'll generate and send the verification code via SMS. You'll get a session ID in response
  2. Ask a verification code from the user
  3. Forward the provided code to us with the session ID and we'll confirm it is valid or not

In addition to this, the service will also:

  • Re-send the SMS after some time in case the SMS didn't reach the recipient the first time
  • Manage the verification code's validity by expiring it in the specified timeframe

Next steps

Now that you're more familiar with the API it's time to test it out.

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