Statistics API

All endpoints require HTTP basic authorization header with Messente API username and password.

You can find the API username and password under your Account API Settings.

Requests statistics reports for each country


Request Body

Body is required. Settings for statistics report
Property Type Info
start_daterequired string

Start date for the report

Format: date
end_daterequired string

End date for the report

Format: date
message_types array

Optional list of message types (sms, viber, whatsapp, hlr)

Element type: string

Successful Response

HTTP 200 - Created reports by countries
Property Type Info
reportsrequired array

Array of report objects

Report for one country

Property Type Info
total_messagesrequired integer

Sum of all messages

total_pricerequired string

Price for all messages

countryrequired string

Target country of all messages

Error Responses

HTTP 400 - Client Error
HTTP 401 - Unauthorized
HTTP 422 - Invalid data
HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
Property Type Info
errorsrequired array

An array of errors

Error fields container

Property Type Info
titlerequired string

Error title

detailsrequired string

Error details

coderequired string

Matches the following error title. This field is a constant

  • 100 - Client Error
  • 103 - Unauthorized
  • 104 - Invalid data
  • 105 - Internal Server Error