SMS Messaging API

HTTP API to send and receive SMS messages to every country in the world.

Although, this API is supported, we suggest using a more modern and feature-rich Omnichannel API for sending SMS messages.


  1. Make an HTTPS request to SMS Messaging API
  2. Check the response code and store Message ID to match DLR later
  3. SMS is sent to the handset
  4. Handset responds with Delivery Report (DLR).
  5. If configured Messente forwards the DLR to the callback URL.


Feature Availability
Send SMS
Receive SMS
Send Flash SMS
Transactional and marketing messages
SMPP connection
Delivery reports
Schedule messages

Get Started

Sending an SMS is super simple

# Send SMS
response = api.sms.send({
    "from": "MyDelivery",
    "to": "+44000000000",
    "text": "Your parcel will be delivered at 10AM"
print("Message sent:", response.get_sms_id())
// Make HTTP call to Messente API
  'username' => MESSENTE_API_USERNAME,
  'password' => MESSENTE_API_PASSWORD,
  'from' => 'MyDelivery',
  'to' => '+44000000000',
  'text' => 'Your parcel will be delivered at 10AM',
  'dlr-url' => MESSENTE_SMS_DLR_URL
$ch = curl_init($url);

$response = curl_exec('');