Verification API Documentation

The API has been deprecated. Looking to build a one-time phone verification? Use our Number Verification API instead for a more flexible solution

Removing User from Service

Sometimes you may want to remove a user from your Verigator Service, e.g you are deleting a user from your main service.

Request URL

Request to remove a user will be made to the following URL:


Where {ServiceId} and {UserId} in the URL will be replaced with your ServiceID and UserID.

Request headers

HTTP header Description Required
X-Service-Auth Refer to authentication section on how to authenticate your API calls with Messente API username and password Yes

Response body (JSON encoded)

Key Value
- -

HTTP Response Codes

STATUS code Value Description
202 Accepted User successfully deleted
401 Authentication required Missing authentication headers (X-Service-Auth)
403 Forbidden Forbidden request
404 Not found Service or user with specified ids not found


from messente.verigator.api import Api

# Initialize API
api = Api("messente-api-username", "messente-api-password")

# Create your service
service ="my-service-id")

# Delete user from your Service
api.users.delete(, "+xxxxxxxxxxx", "username")
public static final String API_USERNAME = "";
public static final String API_PASSWORD = "";
public static final String VERIGATOR_SERVICE_ID = "";public static final String VERIGATOR_USER_ID = "";// Initialize the Verigator API with your Messente API credentials
Verigator verigator = new Verigator(API_USERNAME, API_PASSWORD);
# Delete user from your Service
Service service = new Service(VERIGATOR_SERVICE_ID, verigator);User user = new User(service, VERIGATOR_USER_ID);user.delete();