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Logistics & Mobility

SMS that’s faster and more secure

  • Protect your brand from phishing scams
  • Send PIN codes and notifications
  • Add Viber as an extra channel
Logistics and mobility companies across Europe use Messente

You don’t have time to waste with fraud

When every message matters, you need secure, reliable communication. Messente helps you protect your brand from scammers, keep your customers informed, and keep your networks running smoothly.

Cut messaging costs

Affordable prices and higher delivery rates mean you can send fewer messages for less.

Stay safe from fraud

Stay secure at scale with enterprise phishing and AIT protection.

Save with every delivery

Increase utilization of your network with industry-leading delivery rates.

Your messages deserve business-critical security

Access top security features and industry-leading support for a transparent price. With Messente, your messages are more reliable and secure.

Here’s why logistics and mobility companies love Messente


Industry-leading delivery rates

Make sure every message reaches your customers. Our delivery rates regularly beat out competitors’ by over 40%.

Advanced phishing protection

Messente’s products are built from the inside out with enterprise-grade security tools. You’ll never worry about fraud again.

Hands-on customer 

We’re quick to resolve any SMS problems so your customer service team can focus on bigger customer issues.

What’s it like working with us?

In an era of increasingly automated customer service, we pride ourselves on support with a face. To get a feel for what it’s really like to work with us, check out the About page.

Packed with features for logistics and mobility

Built for scale

Send as many as 9,000 messages per minute through the API.

Brand advocacy

Your brand will be whitelisted with operators as a legitimate source.

API and dashboard

Track your delivery rates easily and see global performance at a glance.

Anti-fraud tooling

We’re building more tools every year to stop fraudsters in their tracks.

It’s easy to get started

Start a conversation with sales, or sign up for free credits to test Messente for yourself. If you’re happy, simply add more credit to your account to keep sending.

A platform for every messaging need

Whether you want to verify users or send marketing messages, our product suite can help you
Ace Delivery
Your package has arrived. Locker PIN: 12345
3334 is your verification code.
Bahrain Taxi
0843 is your Bahrain Taxi verification code.
Ace Delivery
Hello! Your parcel from BRINKYS GROCERY has been picked up.
Track your package
Bahrain Taxi
You can start right away! Your driver account is activated.

Send package notifications

Let your customers know the status of their package at every step, from order received to delivery.

Verify phone numbers

Send simple PIN codes to anyone in the world for quick verification.

Check identities

Double check user IDs with PIN codes to add extra security to your login process.

Use Viber to cut costs

Send photos, videos and other rich content to Viber users at an affordable price.

Send alerts

Make sure important information gets delivered.

Onde has a 97% average delivery rate

Onde — which builds ride hailing apps for taxi businesses — uses Messente to send over 20,000 messages every single day.

Stop worrying about the next threat

Say goodbye to inflated traffic, inflated prices, and risks to your brand from phishing campaigns. Try Messente for free today.