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Just a few lines of code to send SMS

I want to send SMS from
curl -X POST \
--data-urlencode "username={ApiUsername}" \
--data-urlencode "password={ApiPassword}" \
--data-urlencode "from=+14158675309" \
--data-urlencode "to=+14155551212" \
--data-urlencode "text=Hi John, what's Up?"

Getting Started with Messente API


A set of simple tutorials with code snippets on how to use Messente to send SMS messages and receive Delivery Reports.

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Sample applications that cover common use cases in a variety of languages. Download, test drive, and tweak them yourself.

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Helper Libraries

Libraries to help you interact with the Messente REST API. Available in Ruby, Python, PHP, node.js and more.

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API docs

HTTP-level request & response documentation for all functionality in the Messente API.

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Details about the security & reliability measures you can leverage in interacting with the Messente API.

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Chuck Norris powers available. For pandas and koalas.

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