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Send transaction based SMS to customers anywhere in the world. 

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The way Messente combines great know-how of our target markets with excellent support has lead to a strong partnership between us.

Tomas Marty
Tomas Marty

Messente is extremely easy to integrate and it has a powerful reporting system. A good combination of reliability and great pricing.

Håkan Gustafsson
Håkan Gustafsson

We prefer Messente because it is very easy to use. But the best thing about it is the transparency - you get a very good overview of how your messages are delivered.

Andrus Jauk
Andrus Jauk

Use our APIs to improve your business


Send out secure PIN codes and one-time passwords to your users. Use our API to make your users feel safe.

Confirm transactions

Send transaction conformations via SMS. Have your vouchers, tickets or coupon codes delivered instantly and be easily accessible.


Send promotions and reach out to your customers. Anything you send gets delivered in a matter of seconds. To any country in the world.

Notify customers

Make your customer service stand out using SMS notifications. It's much quicker and cheaper than making calls.

Invite users

Teach your web application to send SMS invitations to new users. Have the invitations contain unique links for security and instant conversion.
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