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User Authentication

Verify users and protect accounts with two-factor authentication

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Phone number verification

  • Send PIN codes via SMS to user mobile phones to verify user accounts
  • Make sure users are real by connecting their mobile phone numbers to online services or mobile apps
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Two-factor authentication

  • Add a second step to account logins with SMS PIN codes or one-time passwords, making sure the right person can access the account
  • Confirm transactions and authorizations by sending authorization PINs to customer mobile phones
Everything needed to secure user accounts in a single verification API
Messente's user account security tool
  • Plug and play, complete user verification cycle in a single API
  • Works with any user, anywhere in the world, with SMS PIN codes sent to over 190 countries
  • Generate time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) always backed up with an SMS fallback
  • Automated PIN code verifications and resending triggers
  • White-labeled for business use and developer friendly
Fraud prevention
Industry-standard algorithms, approved IP addresses, and secure HTTPS connections
Global reach
Partnered with over 800 mobile networks and hubs, send SMS pin codes to 190+ countries
Transparent reporting
View delivery reports and historical data in the online dashboard.
24/7 Support
Although we have 99.8% uptime, things happen, so support is included at no additional cost
Additional features
Pre-built user interface
Deploy the API and simplify the integration process by utilizing a PIN code verification user interface, pre-built by Messente's developers.
Demo the UI
Simplify two-factor authentication for users with Messente's 2FA mobile app.