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Verify users and protect accounts with two-factor authentication

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Plug and play 
Carry out user verification seamlessly with our single API.
Global reach 
Works worldwide, with SMS PIN codes sent to mobile phone users in more than 190 countries.
Fallback routes
Generate time-sensitive one-time passwords (OTPs), backed up with fallback routes to guarantee delivery.
Set and forget 
PIN codes are generated automatically for verifications, with resending triggers in place.
Use your brand name in SMS messages when verifying users to increase trust.
Free support
Messente offers 99.8% uptime, but in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, support is included at no additional cost.
Fraud prevention
With industry-standard algorithms, approved IP addresses, and secure HTTPS connections, you’re in safe hands.
Transparent reporting
Understand how SMS verifications are working with delivery reports and historical data in your online dashboard.

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 How two-factor authentication works to verify mobile users

SMS two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the most effective ways to verify users; it can be easily added as an extra layer of security in business applications.

 1. An API call is triggered 

The user submits a request for verification, then your server makes contact with Messente’s API and transmits the user that requires 2FA verification.

  2. User receives a PIN code 

The user receives a unique one-time verification code by text via Messente’s systems. This is sent and received more or less instantly.

  3. User completes the verification 

Your server uses the API to send the inputted code back to Messente for verification. If it matches the original code, user verification is completed.

 Benefits of two-factor authentication (2FA)

  • Increases trust
    Many are concerned about data security, more so since the GDPR was introduced, and in light of the significant data breaches that have made the headlines in recent years. 2FA adds an extra layer of security to accounts. This helps to reassure customers that keeping data secure is a top priority for your business.
  • Supports GDPR legislation
    The GDPR requires that businesses process personal data securely using appropriate technical and organisational measures. One such technical measure is 2FA.
  • Smooth, fast log-in experience
    2FA is a virtually immediate verification process. Messente works with a wide network of global operators for access to premium SMS routes. This ensures the customer receives their unique OTP straightaway, so there’s no delay in logging into your app.
  • Fully automated
    Through Messente’s API, OTPs are generated and sent automatically. You can focus on other areas of your business, safe in the knowledge that user verification is continually happening in the background, keeping data secure.


Is SMS two-factor authentication secure?

No security measure is 100% failsafe, and this applies to SMS 2FA too. App-based 2FA is more secure than SMS 2FA, but the latter is much better than having no authentication measures in place at all.

Not using 2FA is actually quite common - for instance, 90% of Gmail users don’t have 2FA set up. If you do use 2FA, this will make hacking into your systems more difficult.

What is an SMS OTP and how does it work?

OTP stands for one-time password. It’s a unique PIN code, generated by Messente’s Two-Factor Verification API and is sent to a user’s phone number, for them to input into your app or website. It’s time-sensitive, so if the code isn’t entered after a short amount of time, it expires, and can no longer be used. An SMS OTP just means that the PIN code is sent by text message.

Lots of businesses, including large enterprises like banks and financial services providers, use SMS OTPs to help prevent fraud and keep customer accounts secure.

How secure are my payment details?

The first step is to integrate Messente’s Two-Factor Verification API into your application. Then use our API documentation which contains all the instructions you need to configure the setup. You may need the help of a junior developer to integrate the API; it can be done in just a few days.

 A single verification API that does everything you need to protect user accounts

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