Two Factor Authentication API

Fully-featured back-end for your Two-Factor Authentication solution

The API has been deprecated. Looking to build a one-time phone verification? Use our Number Verification API instead for a more flexible solution

Two Factor Authentication API Setup

This tutorial will guide you through the setup of your Service to use Verigator API and how to register and authenticate users.

  1. Create a Messente Account on
  2. Obtain your Messente API username and API password from API Settings page -
  3. Set Up a new Service for Verigator API
  4. Save the ServiceID from API response to your website's configuration file

Now you are ready to continue adding users to your Service to enable two-step verification.

Authenticating Users

This tutorial will guide you through User Registration (Adding users to Verigator Service) and Authentication.

Adding Users to your Verigator Service

  1. Obtain ServiceID by Setting up your 2FA Service
  2. Add your Users to 2FA Service by providing his username and phone number
  3. Save the obtained UserID to your users database

Securely logging your User in

  1. Verify your User by regular username and password
  2. Get Verigator's UserID for your User from your database
  3. Start Authentication by providing the UserID and preferred authentication method (totp/sms)
  4. Request for PIN code from the User
  5. Verify PIN code