SMS is a highly effective channel for business communications – it can reach people all over the world at lightning speed, even those in areas without internet, as texts are transmitted over telephone networks.

One of the biggest advantages of SMS is its exceptional open and response rates – 98% and 45%, respectively. Almost all text messages are opened, and nearly half are actioned in some way, whether the recipient sends a direct reply, clicks a link, calls a number, etc.

SMS is frequently used for marketing communications, such as introducing a new product or promoting a flash sale. It’s also ideal for responding to specific customer interactions, like sending a confirmation when a customer places an order or books an appointment. Or for issuing a PIN code following a 2FA login request.

Businesses also use SMS internally to convey urgent or time-sensitive messages. It's beneficial for teams of remote workers who need a reliable channel while out on the road travelling to different appointments and destinations.

In case you’re wondering, "Can you send a text to multiple recipients?" The answer is yes. Business texts are often sent to large groups of people at once, quickly and efficiently, via a BCC text message that complies with international privacy laws. This article explains how a BCC group text works and how to send one yourself.

What are BCC text messages?

BCC is short for 'Blind Carbon Copy'. So BCC text messages are often referred to as blind texts. They're mass text messages sent to multiple people in a group, but no one can see the list of recipients, only the sender. It looks to each person as though they've received a one-to-one text message. The concept is similar to the BCC feature in emails.

A BCC text message isn't the same as a group text on WhatsApp or Messenger. With the latter, the messages aren't 'blind', and each group member can see each other's identities and responses.

How do you send a mass text without group messaging?

As a business, it's a legal requirement to keep your customers', prospects' and employees' data safe at all times. A professional mass texting service like Messente allows you to send BCC text messages while ensuring privacy and anonymity for you and all the groups you need to contact.

How to send a blind group text message

It is possible to send a BCC text message from your personal Android or iPhone device using the native text messaging app. But often, there's a limit to the number of contacts you can add to the group (one Apple forum discussion suggests the limit is 32 for iMessage chats.) Take care that your phone is configured correctly so that no members can see each other's replies.

For professional bulk messaging campaigns which require large volumes of outbound texts, it's best to use an SMS provider. Here's how BCC text messages work when you use a professional service:

1. Create an account

Once you've researched the best SMS provider for your needs, create an account with them. With Messente, you can sign up for free and explore the dashboard to see how BCC campaigns work.

From Messente's homepage, click Get Started Free and fill in the form with your details. It takes just a couple of minutes.

Messente account creation view

2. Pick a plan

Text message pricing and plans vary depending on the provider (some charge annually, some monthly and others are pay-as-you-go).

Messente's pricing is based on text message volume and the destination countries you're sending to. You only pay for the texts you send, and custom pricing is available if you need to send over 10,000 texts per month. You can trial Messente at no cost using the free credits we provide when you join us.

3. Set up your account

The next step is to set up your sender ID. This can be your business phone number, a random long code number, a short code or a branded phrase/name. With Messente, you can request multiple sender IDs to be assigned to your account at no additional cost if you need to use different ones for specific audience groups.

4. Add your contacts

Messente offers a 'Phonebook' feature within the dashboard where you can upload CSV files to add phone numbers for audience groups (a helpful feature for blind texting). Alternatively, you can manually enter all your recipients' phone numbers in the 'To' field when composing a text message.

5. Write your text message

Next, you'll write the content for your BCC text message. You won't have room to write reams of text, so make the wording succinct and impactful. Use simple and clear language and include a call-to-action if you need the recipient to do something after reading (click a link, etc.). Check out these handy tips for writing texts that resonate.

Sending a text message with Messente

6. Personalise your message

Providing your CSV files contain field headers and the data is formatted correctly (assigned to the right fields), you should be able to personalise your BCC text message using your recipients' first name, last name or any other identifying variables. You can even add titles if your message needs to be formal.

Example of personalization

7. Send your message

The final step is to send your mass text messages immediately or save them for later. With Messente, you can schedule messages for a specific day and time in future.  This allows you to send texts at optimal times or plan ahead for a seasonal marketing campaign. Before you click 'send',  choose the correct sender ID from the 'To' field (if using multiple sender IDs).

How do you get replies to a BCC group message?

Not all texting platforms allow replies to bulk texts. This can be down to a restriction with the type of sender ID you're using, or it could be a premium feature that you need to pay extra for. It may also be a feature that the platform simply doesn't support.

If your chosen platform does support replies to BCC text messages, each response will be delivered to your SMS inbox separately from individual recipients. Other recipients won't see any replies from any member of your contact group, and everybody's identity will be safely preserved.

Five popular mass text use cases

BCC text messaging is useful in the following situations (feel free to copy and paste these examples to use in your own bulk texting campaigns):

New product or service launch announcement


Just landed! 🌞 Keep cool with our new summer styles, Lyla! To keep things simple, get free delivery until Monday. [URL]

Event reminder


Hi Mica, just to remind you about your dentist appointment at 10am on 03/03/23. Need to rearrange? Change this appointment online: [URL]

Gathering survey responses


Hey Tomas, were you satisfied with your recent customer service experience? Help us improve by completing this two-minute survey. [URL]

Text-to-vote campaign (requires two-way messaging)


We're giving $3,000 to our local primary school. Reply 'A' if we should fund a new school library. Or 'B' to help with new playground equipment.

Time-sensitive offer or flash sale


Hi Lisa, get 50% off all winter boots – offer expires 12 noon Sunday! Limited stock available; hurry so you don't miss out: [URL]

Time-sensitive offer text example

Get started with blind texting to a mass audience

SMS is ideal for various business communications, including marketing and transactional messages. With a BCC text message, you can broadcast to a large audience group while hiding recipients' identities and responses; it's like individual messages are sent to each person.

It’s best to use a professional mass text app such as Messente for BCC texting. This way, you can keep your recipients' data anonymous, send to vast audiences simultaneously and segment your audience for more personalised messages.

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