What is SMS Sender ID?

Messente supports all types of SMS Sender Names or IDs:

  • Alphanumeric;
  • Short codes;
  • International or local phone numbers.

Alphanumeric Sender IDs may include characters from the alphabet (A-Z,) numeric characters (0-9) and have the maximum length up to 11 characters. Please note that the SMS recipients cannot reply to alphanumeric Sender IDs.

Short codes are special numbers, that are usually shorter than the standard phone numbers and are typically used for things like customer support service, voting or premium rate mobile services (and more.)

Phone numbers as numeric Sender IDs can be up to 15 digits long (excluding the “+” sign) and can include country codes, mobile operator codes, individual phone numbers, destination codes, identifying the subscriber’s operator, etc. It’s also possible to reply to a phone number by just hitting the reply button.

With Messente you can choose and use various Sender Names and Sender types at the same time and it’s all completely free of charge.

Are there any exceptions?

Indeed, there can be few exceptions. Different phones may act differently for spaces and other punctuation. Likewise, in some countries (e.g., China, Mexico, South Africa, Belgium,) personalised Sender IDs as a feature is not supported due to local legislation or local mobile operators. When sending the SMS to these countries, most often a random phone number will be displayed as the sender to the recipient.

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