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A Complete Guide on How Texts Can Enhance Customer Service

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While SMS is ideal for marketing, more and more companies are finding ways to incorporate text messages into their customer service programmes using SMS APIs. Text customer service involves no face-to-face or verbal interactions; the customer simply engages with a business’s support team via the native SMS app on their mobile phone.

SMS customer support solutions enable customer service agents to seamlessly deliver text-based customer service. If you're on a mission to increase customer satisfaction, you need to focus on providing an exceptional customer service experience. A good SMS customer service solution can support customer service teams in their efforts to provide good customer service.

When you implement text messaging for customer service and support, this can enhance the overall customer service experience. SMS customer support can give your team the ability to deal with multiple customers at once and swiftly respond to customer inquiries. SMS support also creates an opportunity for support teams to collect customer feedback.

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This article explores the benefits of text for customer service and provides examples, templates, and best practice tips to show you how it can and should be used. We also explain what to look for in an SMS provider.

The benefits of using text for customer service

Customer support specialist working

Did you know it costs five times more to recruit new customers than it does to retain existing ones? Excellent customer service can improve customer retention rates and even increase new customer acquisition because happy customers lead to more word-of-mouth referrals.

Managing customer relationships efficiently is particularly vital in markets where competition is increasing, and margins are decreasing. However, delivering excellent customer service is no easy task these days since customer expectations are rising. Customers simply switch brands if they’re dissatisfied with the service they’re getting.

According to Microsoft’s 2017 State of Global Customer Service report, 96% of people surveyed feel that customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand. The same report claims that 72% of respondents expect customer support agents to know who they are, along with their purchase and engagement history.

Furthermore, customers expect to contact customer service via the communication channel of their choice, text messaging being one option. Research from Zendesk suggests that a substantial 24% of customers prefer to use SMS for simple service requests.

Fortunately, with a wide range of solutions at your disposal, it's never been easier to facilitate SMS customer support. If you are serious about providing SMS customer service, you should start taking cloud-based SMS tools for a test drive to see what is possible. Sending and receiving SMS messages from customers is a breeze with the right solutions in your corner.

Being able to please those customers who prefer to use SMS is just one benefit of using text for customer service. Here are some others:

  • Cost-efficient - text messaging can reduce customer service costs, as you may not need as many agents operating the phones.

  • Speedier solutions - texts are delivered and received pretty much instantly, meaning that resolutions can potentially be reached quickly. 65% of people expect customer service to be quicker now than it was five years ago, according to the Zendesk report referenced above.

  • Convenient - customers don’t always have the time to make a phone call or access their email. But texts arrive straight to a mobile phone (even basic feature phones) and can be easily digested and responded to at a time to suit the customer.

  • Reliable - SMS offers increased reliability compared to email or push notifications, which can be affected by internet connectivity issues.

When you have access to a cost-effective and convenient solution for communication, this inevitably supports team productivity. To seamlessly provide support to existing customers, you can leverage SMS messages through messaging apps to encourage customer activation and retention. SMS support is a highly-efficient way to approach customer communication.

While web-based communication, through platforms like Facebook Messenger, is often effective. Messaging for customer support through text messages ensures each customer receives it directly on the phone. When it comes to appointment reminders, receiving an automated text message with a notification is essential.

Man holding a smartphone next to a street garden

Let’s now look at how text customer service can provide real solutions and deliver a satisfying customer experience.

1. Provide updates on delays and disruptions

Customers hate having their time wasted and being inconvenienced. Sending a timely text message to update customers on a situation will be appreciated. For instance, suppose a customer’s order is delayed due to a shipping problem. A customer service text could be sent to explain, so the customer doesn’t have to call to chase its whereabouts.

Other examples might include disruptions that customers need to know about, such as a bathroom being refurbished on a ferry or a cancelled flight due to bad weather. If the information is particularly time-sensitive, such as a detected emergency or last-minute delay, a flash SMS could be sent to deliver the message right to the customer’s screen.

2. Send booking, order and delivery confirmations

E-commerce retailers sometimes use text messages to communicate order confirmations and confirm delivery times after a buyer has made a purchase. If you want to immediately provide your customers with rapid-fire updates on order progress, your team should explore messaging platforms to automatically send SMS messages.

For ticketed events, travel bookings or hotel stays, it’s a good idea to send a confirmation via SMS. It’s virtually guaranteed that the customer will open it and see it. Having an automated text messaging system in place to inform customers about their booking saves time at both ends and potentially avoids a call to customer support.

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3. Provide further support

An SMS message can include a ticket number or a serial number which the customer can use to track a complaint or problem that needs resolving. You can also include a customer support number in case the customer wants to speak to someone rather than text.

And, you can include a shortened URL to any landing page - for example, online tutorials and resources, FAQs, the company’s mobile app or directions.

4. Time-sensitive notifications

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Here’s a hypothetical scenario to explain the value of notifications for customers. Imagine you're vacationing in Tasmania and want to go on a day trip. There's only one ferry, but you didn't have to wait in line to get on, and so far, the outing is going great.

Having spent several hours looking around, it occurs to you that you should start heading back to base. However, you discover that ferry tickets are sold out for the next crossing. So you sign up to receive a notification when the later ferry crossing tickets become available.

Text notifications like this can be applied to almost any type of information, be it for a municipality, hotel, or healthcare.

Templates for customer service texts

Now let’s look at some text templates that could be used for customer service messages. Feel free to copy, paste and use any of these that apply to your customer care programme.

Order delay text

Hi [First Name]. Unfortunately, your recent order has been subject to a [X Week] delay at our manufacturer in [Country]. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Order/delivery confirmation text

Hi [First Name]. Thanks for your order [Number]. We will aim to deliver it between [Time] and [Time] on [Date]. Click to reschedule: [URL]

Event booking confirmation

Hi [First Name]. This is your ticket confirmation for [Event] at [Time] on [Date]. Please show this text upon entry. For directions, click here: [URL]

Support ticket texts

Hi [First Name]. Your support ticket [Number] is open and being dealt with by [Agent]. Reply to this text at any time.

Hi [First Name]. Your support ticket [Number] is now closed. We hope we resolved your issue satisfactorily. Please leave us feedback here: [URL]

Customer onboarding text

Hi [First Name]! Great to have you on board. Get started quickly with this online tutorial and also read our FAQs: [URL]

Time-sensitive notification

Hi [First Name]. Thanks for registering to be alerted when [Product] becomes available. We’ll let you know by text straightaway.

Customer service SMS example

Tips and best practices to follow

Once you’ve decided on the type of customer service texts you need to send, follow these tips and best practices to ensure success:

  • Integrate with CRM tools - use an SMS provider that enables integration with your CRM system. This can help improve operations and lead to increased efficiency. For instance, you’ll be able to set up automated texts based on customer actions and get better data insights.

  • Offer personalisation - it makes sense to automate specific texts for customer service, like order confirmations and delivery updates. But to avoid your messages reading like they’ve been sent by a robot, personalise them with the customer’s name (and order details) if necessary.

  • Consider two-way messaging - letting customers respond to texts helps interactions feel more conversational. This is particularly helpful where technical support is concerned.

  • Go omnichannel - while many customers prefer to use SMS as it’s convenient and easy to use, some will jump from channel to channel when they engage with a business. In the Microsoft report referenced earlier, 66% of respondents worldwide say they actively use three or more channels.

Choosing a provider for customer service texting

As we’ve shown, there are so many ways you can use text for customer service interactions. But how exactly do you go about getting started? The first step is to choose an SMS messaging provider that can meet your requirements.

Look out for:

  • Global reach - if you have customers in different countries, you’ll want to choose a provider with access to an extensive mobile network.

  • Quick message delivery - text messaging should be virtually instant, so be sure the provider offers intelligent and reliable routing algorithms.

  • Two-way messaging - this lets customers reply to your texts.

  • Omnichannel messaging - to deliver the best customer service possible, choose a provider that offers text messaging along with other channels.

  • Scalable solution - it should meet the needs of your business now and also as it grows.

  • Easy integration - so you can get going quickly, it needs to integrate easily with your business systems and customer care programme.


Having a tool in place to help deliver the most critical and most sought-after information is key to providing stellar customer service. And while text messaging has been around for some decades, it’s still reliable, fast and offers massive potential to enhance customer relationships.

To reach customers quickly and efficiently, you need a robust SMS customer service solution. When you invest in the right tool, you will have everything you need to hit the ground running with SMS customer service and support. From support messages to scheduled messages as part of marketing strategies, the right texting platform will elevate your support service.

An SMS customer service solution will enable you to scale up your SMS messaging for customer support. With the right solution in your corner, it's never been easier to send text messages to customers and facilitate SMS customer service support. All it takes is one text message to support customer retention and reaffirm a relationship.

As a trusted SMS provider, Messente delivers on global reach, quick message delivery, two-way and omnichannel messaging, and more. Why not create a free account to look around the dashboard and see how easy Messente is to use and integrate into your systems? Register your account here.

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