Ecommerce SMS Marketing: The 5 Most Important Things to Know

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If you’re already using email and social media campaigns to reach your target audience, you might think that it’s enough for product promotion and tight connection with customers. However, it’s necessary to take into account other channels because you never know which method of receiving information is more convenient for consumers.

Namely, you could combine email and SMS marketing to increase your chances of achieving the desired results. The truth is, people don’t check their emails every few hours, unlike phones. So, if you send a letter that contains information about discounts a recipient can use for a limited period, chances are they’ll miss an opportunity to use your offer via email. But if you send an SMS message, the recipient will notice it in any case.

However, SMS marketing implementation can be harder than you think because intrusive messages can kill the desire to use your products or make a consumer fall in love with your company. So how to create brilliant content to promote your eCommerce business? Our tips will help you succeed in SMS marketing and increase sales, so keep on reading.

Top Advice on Creating SMS Content

Writing short, engaging messages can be compared to art. You can hire a professional to create the content and help you achieve SMS marketing goals. But if you decide to craft write messages on your own, follow our tips:

1. Know your audience

You can always write an excellent message, but your marketing efforts will be in vain if you send it to the wrong person. For example, a young girl is unlikely to buy a cream that removes wrinkles. So, it’s necessary to learn the details connected with your customers that include age, gender, purchase history, location, etc. Segment your audience according to customers’ information to attract them with your offer. Then hire a pro essay writer to help you come up with messages that will surely sell your products.

2. Be clear

Young woman checking her smartphone for SMS messages

You have a limited number of characters to describe your offer. That’s why it’s necessary to do your best and express your thoughts clearly. Your message shouldn’t contain abbreviations, complicated terminology, and emoticons. Avoid using capital letters for the entire word.

You also have to provide the most important information about your offer in a message. For instance, if you want to notify a customer about the upcoming sale, don’t forget to mention how long it will last. The recipient will thank you by checking your site or even buying something if you give them enough information.

3. Use call-to-action phrases

A call-to-action phrase incorporated in your message will engage the recipient and influence their decision to take the appropriate action. Use phrases containing prompts to make the reader pay attention to your offer. Your text should invite the recipient to use a coupon, visit the sales section on your site, purchase your products, etc. Professional marketers and essay writers use the following call-to-action words and phrases to create engaging messages:

  • Buy now

  • Click here

  • Join

  • Text

  • Save

4. Pick perfect timing

According to statistics, 90% of messages are opened within 3 minutes after being delivered. The most effective promotions are connected with current customer’s needs. So, it makes sense to create a schedule and send messages that coincide with recipients’ last-minute impulses. For example, if your sale starts in the afternoon, it'll be better to send SMS in the morning but not the day before. If you sell clothes at special prices on a Friday night, inform recipients about that on Friday afternoon.

It’s also necessary to take into account the time when people read messages most actively. For example, during the period of 6.30-9.00 am and 5.00-7.00 pm people usually don’t check messages because they have to get to work and come back home. To choose the best timing for your SMS marketing strategy, analyze users’ previous interactions with your messages and use this data as a base for tapping into the right sending time. 

5. Provide users with valuable content

Inform your target audience about exclusive offers, premium membership benefits, special events, and discounts. The recipient will feel special if they get an invitation to participate in a giveaway or some limited sale via a text message. This approach will in turn help you make users interested in getting more messages.

Final Thoughts

Evidently, properly crafted SMS content and perfect timing can help you promote your eCommerce business if chosen correctly. Research your audience, use call-to-action phrases and create exclusive content to get closer to your potential customers whenever you want.

Jasmine Fellon
2020-12-30 00:00:00 UTC