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Flash SMS: an Easy Way to Ensure Confidentiality

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Confidentiality and secure options as a standard are the norms now in Europe with the introduction of new data protection regulations as the requirements they bestow on SMS API providers. 

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Thus, every sender needs to have the option to deliver content securely without unnecessary information storage on every side of the communication chain. To help avoid confidential information on the customer’s side being stolen with the phone while it being timely and visible, Flash SMS is a tool to consider. 

What is a Flash SMS? 

Flash SMS is a type of SMS that appears directly on the main screen without user interaction and is not automatically stored in the inbox. As such, Flash SMS is a value-added-service to a standard SMS delivery. It’s most commonly used to deliver sensitive information and to immediately catch a recipient’s attention.   

Flash SMS vs Standard SMS

This feature is most often used for sending one-time, or primary, PIN-codes and passwords, credit card information, legal matters related information, as well as emergency messages that need to be seen right away

Since the message is not stored on the phone, there’s no concern of limited storage space, or that the information could be stolen along with the phone. The option to save the SMS still exists, but it is not done by default. 

How Flash SMS works? 

The message pops right on the screen, though. So, in case of an unexpected message with sensitive content popping up, one needs to consider the pros and cons of higher confidentiality via no content being saved versus the information being seen by neighbouring eyes on the customer’s phone screen. 

Another aspect of the Flash SMS is that the Sender ID is not shown. This needs to be taken into consideration when sending specific information, rather than PIN codes or passwords. For example, an emergency or utility service notifying customers of power outages, burst pipes, or incoming storms, including the sender name into the content would be a good idea. 

Flash SMS is actually a classification of SMS with there being 4 in total. While the regular SMS message is classified as a ‘Class 1’ message, flash SMS messages are classified as ‘Class 0’ messages, which classifies them as most important SMS messages. That is why they get displayed on the main screen without any user interaction needed. However, it’s important to note that users will only be able to see the last message they receive if multiple flash messages are sent. 


So, whenever promptness and confidentiality are the most important criteria, Flash SMS is a useful tool to implement. As a more secure version due to no storage on the customer’s side, it can enable senders to provide more peace of mind to each customer and help them keep their data safe.

Lauri Kinkar
2019-01-23 00:00:00 UTC