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Upgrade your CRM with an SMS API

  • Verification, notifications & marketing
  • 197 countries
  • Starting at €0.01/message
From cybersecurity to the financial sector, the most demanding industries use Messente
30% cost reduction after sending OTPs globally with Messente.
Launched in 190 countries and increased delivery rates by 35%, on average.
Reduced artificial traffic by 80% and saved more than €8000/month.

One API, endless opportunities

Say goodbye to complicated integrations. Messente’s single SMS API has everything you need for notifications, PIN codes, OTPs, and marketing messaging.

Only pay for what you use

When you’re sending millions of messages, every cent counts. You pay for Messente on an up-front credit basis, so you always know how much it will cost.

More than a faceless platform

Our team becomes an extension of yours, so you never have to worry about your business messaging again.

Everything you need in a text message API

Helpful analytics

Get an overview of your SMS operations. We’ll take the data from operators and turn it into a beautiful dashboard for you.

Smart routing

The API’s intelligent algorithms automatically route messages through the most reliable channel.

Resend triggers

If there is a failure, it’s no sweat. Automatic resend triggers will kick in and send a message again.

High volumes? No problem.

9,000 messages/minute

Send as many messages as you want. The SMS API can handle them all.

Industry-leading delivery rates

Our delivery rates regularly beat competitors’ by more than 40%.

You’re in good company

We’ve got 4.7 stars on Capterra
5 stars Capterra

Built for the industries where every message matters

From verifying new account users to authenticating financial transactions, Messente’s a best-fit for highly regulated, high-volume industries


Verify users and stay compliant with PIN codes and notifications.


Keep accounts secure with OTPs and two-factor authentication.


Send transactional alerts, reminders, and status updates to users.


Manage payment reminders, renewal reminders, and other transactions.

Logistics & mobility

Keep customers in the loop with marketing and transactional messages.


Protect users and verify identities easily.

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