Take hotel concierge further with SMS

Hotel and hospitality marketers: You don’t have to be AirBnB to use mobile technology to give your guests the utmost experience. Use SMS notifications and SMS marketing to keep hotel guests informed about booking details and tell them about things to do in the area during their stay.

Why SMS, though?

Doesn’t email work? Of course, especially if the guest is waiting for the hotel booking confirmation. But for everything else, like marketing emails, guests are less likely to open them, as they know the hotel is confirmed. While email marketing can be powerful, the hotels and hospitality industry can expect an email open rate of about 20%.

SMS messaging has an open rate of a whopping 98%, with 95% of SMS messages being read within 5 minutes of being delivered (according to Pure360.) Therefore, it’s important for hotel managers and hotel marketers to have SMS as part of their guest communications mix –it’s powerful and gets the message across quickly.

As a standard practice, hotels require guests to provide their phone numbers upon booking a hotel room. Use this opportunity to gain their permission to send them SMS messages as a concierge service. Once guests opt-in, confirm the booking with an SMS, give them a way to opt-out, and provide a shortened link to all the booking information on a mobile site.

And then take concierge further with SMS:

Send an SMS reminder with the check-in time a day before the guests’ stay and provide the breakfast times.

  • Notify guests of any planned or emergency maintenance around their rooms.
  • Is there an emergency or inclement weather? Send an SMS and keep your guests safe.
  • Provide offers for the restaurant, spa, pool, or any other services provided via SMS marketing.
  • Let guests know about things to do around the area.
  • Remind guests about check-out times and ask for feedback.

Communication with guests via SMS doesn’t only improve the guest experience, it reduces the load on hotel staff. The entire system is automated, so it saves staff time. In addition, if you encourage a response with two-way SMS, you can handle customer issues, like a burnt out light bulb or a lack of towels, through SMS messaging, rather than a phone call.

Once Messente’s SMS API is integrated within a hotel’s booking system, hotel managers can set up the content and sequence it to trigger depending on the hotel’s needs. Or they can test SMS marketing by uploading a contact list to our online Dashboard and send SMS in bulk.

As always, if there’s any way we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Piia Sander
2018-07-17 00:00:00 UTC