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How SMS Marketing Can Benefit the Education Sector

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When the mobile phone came along, everyone was a bit skeptical at first. It wasn’t long before people the world over realized the productivity potential and sales started to soar.

With mobile phones came the SMS and for a while, it was considered the best thing since sliced bread. It was one of the most popular modes of communication, but nowadays it is a great channel for advertising. Even the education sector can benefit greatly by utilizing its power.

Advertising courses

The world is an ever-changing place and as technology develops, so does the job market. New training courses are constantly being developed to keep up with the demand for skills. There are even courses on eLearning for digital marketing that will show you how you can utilize SMS to advertise your course.

Using SMS as a marketing tool is one of the best tools around because it is affordable. In a way, it trumps email marketing because it is short and to the point.

The call to action features that you can build into your message is easy to use and people are on the lookout for easy and efficient messages. It’s also the oldest mobile marketing method and people feel an instant connection with it the moment they see it on the screen. Overall, it can never be written off.

Sending out quick alerts

Schools often need to generate their funds and SMS marketing can spread the word of an upcoming fundraising event. When you look at the education sector and schools, in particular, you might have noticed that it is a complex mini-community on its own.

To keep a school running, they need more funds than the government can supply. Fundraising campaigns are ideal and schools can generate enough funds to pack on their development projects if properly advertised.

SMS marketing makes it possible to spread the word in an instant and doesn’t make a dent in the already strained budget. The best part is that quick updates and changes are just as easily communicated when the unforeseen occurrences happen.

SMS serves as an internal curriculum manager

Schools are particularly reliant on effective communication to keep everyone happy. SMS is ideal for keeping that communication flowing and current. The triangle of bodies that need to communicate on a daily basis consists of teachers, parents, and students and all of them have to communicate in harmony if there is to be no miscommunication.

Therefore, SMS is used to relay important information between teachers and parents. The senior management of the school can also be updated on serious issues that need urgent attention. Needless to say, schools are at the mercy of what happens in society and things change in a heartbeat.

This has a ripple effect and parents are quick to wonder what their schools will be doing. SMS is the most effective way in which parents can be put at ease as these messages can go out in bulk in mere minutes.

SMS can be used to manage the external curriculum

Parents are all in a fluster when exam times arrive and they want to make sure that their kids are as well-prepared for it as they can be.

The exam schedule is one of the first things they want and it is one of the easiest ways to communicate this schedule. However, the real power of the SMS comes in when dates and times change due to bad weather or a pandemic.

Promoting the agendas of education institutions

Unlike other businesses, schools and other educational institutions have a reset button that goes off every year. Schools need to recruit new staff and students every year and they need to promote their school to attract the best candidates.

SMS is ideal for prepping the public by promoting the school and sending notifications of open days and other agendas of the school before that reset happens.


The education world is dynamic and it relies on speedy communication to stay with the times. Educational research has never been more intense. It seems as though there are constantly new developments that schools can and need to employ if they are to see their schools excel in what is becoming an ever-increasing competitive market.


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