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8 Hacks That Will Increase SMS Marketing Conversion

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If you’ve made your message personal and enticing, there might still be a fair few tricks to increase your conversion even further. Making sure you are getting the best possible ROI and keep customer satisfaction at a high level.

1) Use branded URL’s

So, this is more technical detail than something that marketing alone can solve, but it is still key within the marketing paradigm. Something along the lines of that we have for This ensures that operator filtering tools don’t mistake your message for spam when using links for example. It also adds a bit of a personal touch in terms of your brand as the links they click are associated with your products and services, your name, rather than An added bonus is that branded links are clicked more often.

2) Add multiple offers

You do not have to limit your characters to 160 when you’re working with a bulk SMS tool such as Messente’s SMS platform. Our SMS gateway and API allows you to send long-form messages. However, you still want to be able to keep your messages short to encourage people to read them (always make sure how long they are by using our SMS Length Calculator). 

You can also link your messages to incentives, especially when you start seeing how people react to your messages. It is absolutely necessary to track your campaign results using analytical tools, and, over time, you can run A/B testing to monitor reactions to different types of messages using a standard or personalised approach. 

You can also mix in a bit of promotional content into your notifications or OTPs. Though make sure that you meet all the needed regulations.

3) Easy interaction

Links, keywords, offer details that allow quick interaction or simple codes to input right after the SMS, etc. Everything that makes converting via the message as simple as possible. For each step that the users have to make, the conversion can drop, so making things easy to interact with is key. Also, make sure your landing pages are mobile optimised. It wouldn’t make sense to send them to an unoptimised site since that just creates confusion and has a negative effect.

4) Send a few more

You may be surprised to learn that the “sweet spot” for how many texts increased conversion rates was not just one or two, but as many as three or more – resulting in as much as a 328% increase in conversions, based on our customer's experiences. 

But beyond just throwing around numbers, it’s important to realise that each one of these text messages has some type of value in it for the consumer. Just blasting them with irrelevant offers and hoping some of them stick won’t work. 

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People value their time, and many of them are paying for the luxury of sending and receiving a set number of texts each month. Making each message count is just as important with texting as it is with email (if not more so because of the cost).

5) Make use of the immediacy

Because SMS is immediate, you need to make sure your messaging accounts for that and offers real value based on that immediacy. SMS isn't meant to be used like email or even push notifications. If you’re promoting an event that’s on Saturday, the SMS message better not go out the Monday before. It will be forgotten.

6) Speak your audience’s language

When using SMS, you have limited characters to work with. Understand how consumers write their texts, the language they use and use that to your advantage when composing your messages. If you’re too formal, it won’t come as natural for your consumer to engage. Your language should fit within the text messaging environment.

7) Take care of your database

Make sure you clean the database using the HLR service and make sure that the customers have a clear way of inputting their phone number. Also, once you send out the first campaign, ask for detailed statistics on why numbers were unreachable or why failures happened, as well as how many were blacklisted. This way you can keep your phonebook’s quality high.

8) Timing is everything

Make sure you take into consideration the time and likelihood of conversion during the time you plan to send out the campaign. Since scheduling is possible, make sure your campaign is set to deliver at the most optimal time possible for your customers. No sense in sending it at 02:00 at night.


There are a plethora of ways to make your campaigns better. Make sure you track your conversion, A/B test and note what works and what doesn’t. This way you can reach the best possible result in your marketing efforts and get the highest possible ROI out of each SMS.

Uku Tomikas
2019-11-19 00:00:00 UTC