3 Mobile Marketing Methods to Build Your Ecommerce Brand

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Mobile marketing strategies have captured the attention of a global audience. Over 50% of global traffic is now sourced through mobile devices. Google conducted a survey which confirms that close to 90% of users will probably endorse your brand if accessed via a mobile device and following a positive experience.

Additionally, up to 9% of e-commerce in the retail industry is anticipated to come from mobile advertising methods. Here are 3 popular mobile marketing methods to grow your e-commerce brand.

SMS mobile marketing

One recent survey found that up to 98% of SMS advertising campaign messages are opened. Moreover, stats indicate that up to 95% of SMS coupon offers are also read within 5 minutes. Such high results offer some proof of the levels of efficacy of SMS as a valuable mobile marketing strategy.

Overall, the use of SMS as a mobile marketing technique has proven to be a highly successful form for sharing brand awareness, promoting sales and driving growth for a new business. As with other mobile device advertising formats, a convenient subscriber opt-in and opt-out policy is a good business practice.

SMS mobile marketing is cost-efficient, rapid, has an extensive reach and is a highly personal communication technique. Response rates are high, so you need to establish your target market for the best results. Creating an informative message that appeals to people is necessary. Your copy should also include a call to action, which encourages the desire to purchase.

Bulk text messages may comprise useful information about products and new offerings. Product features and benefits can be included and shared with massive local or global target markets.

Use an efficient SMS software tool from a reputable provider for campaigns. Provide them with your database of customer mobile numbers, select the numbers that your advertising message should be sent to, and set a date for your message to be sent to recipients.

Your provider will manage the process on your behalf and deliver campaign results to you. You can then adjust your tactics to align with responses and conversion rates. Use a bulk SMS service to share newsletters and promotions, direct advertising, and e-mail marketing.

If you don’t have a defined list of customer mobile numbers, an app can be installed to retrieve this data. SMS campaigns are a vital element of your overall customer relationship management initiatives if you wish to grow your business

E-mail for mobile advertising

Build your e-mail list from your customer database and get their opt-in permission to subscribe to your business e-mails. Your request for subscriptions should be accompanied by discount offers or other free ‘value-add’ offerings.

With the volumes of e-commerce customers growing rapidly, the use of smartphones to access e-mails has similarly increased. Most consumers now access their e-mails from smartphones. Adjust your messages to suit this platform, or they will be sent to the trash if too difficult to read.

E-mail designs should be responsive to cater for viewing on all devices for best results. Link your mobile-friendly website to your e-mail campaign for convenience.

Attractive product images help to promote conversions and sales. Special offers, discounts, and coupons are also excellent promotional tools to encourage sales.

Always include several icons in your e-mail that link to your website, and always include a strong call to action (CTA) at the end of your message. Optimize CTAs for touch screen linking. Ensure messages are short and to the point and that the font is quick and easy to read.

Ensure your e-mail title is short and facilitates reading on mobile devices. Keep the important words at the start of your subject heading. When you cater to the mobile device market, you can immediately use your sales material on other devices. Savings are created, and e-mails reach a broad market, which has been segmented for optimum outcomes.

Use display ads in your campaign

Display ads are appealing and are equally well suited to mobile devices when correctly designed. Google continues to provide a channel for display networks that afford mobile site ad opportunities.

Display networks cater to demographic target segmentation to a certain degree, including geographic targeting. Design ads for mobile screen display and you will be able to include this advertising method into your mobile strategy.

Google enables you to manage your ad budget, but your investment will be wasted if your ads don’t conform to basic small screen viewability requirements. Google network ad campaigns help to drive traffic to your website, and the best option is to use the cost-per-click (CPC) option.

According to professional copywriters, as always with any online ad copy, keep messages concise, and use attractive imagery. Also always ensure convenient clickable icons are in place to link with important web pages. Incorporate the vital call to action (CTA) in your display ads, as well as all others.

AdWords is growing in popularity as a display ad technique for mobile devices. This form of advertising is increasing rapidly because Google has made adjustments to their business model. Because mobile advertising is increasing at such a rapid rate, it will become essential to include this type of marketing in campaigns to drive sales.

The use of GPS tech in apps such as Moasis has now taken this form of advertising to an entirely new level. Targeting is now so precise with this type of tool that you can isolate a customer’s position if near or in a competitor store.

You can then send them your own advertising message to draw them away from that store and encourage them to purchase comparable products from your own business. Overall, display advertising combined with this type of innovation holds massive opportunities and disadvantages for the future.


Text marketing campaigns have been researched and proven to be a successful mobile advertising method. E-mail campaigns are another powerful technique to grow brand awareness and enhance product sales. Display advertising remains a viable manner to grow your brand reputation. Overall, mobile marketing has fast become the way of the future for advertising.


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Becky Holton
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