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5 SMS Marketing Strategies to Use for Your Business

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If you want a successful business, you must leverage all the marketing channels available to you. One such channel which most businesses fail to leverage is SMS or text messaging.

A great SMS marketing strategy can help you better connect to your customers and even target potential customers. SMS marketing can help you grow your brand community of loyal supporters and keep your customers updated on your product or/and service offerings.

This isn't so surprising, seeing as the open rate for text messages is over 98% with a 90 seconds response time. Smartphones are an essential part of the daily lives of 80% of people, and not using this to your advantage will hurt your business.

The best part about leveraging SMS marketing is that it is independent of an internet connection. There are some countries where the Internet may not be stable, and if you have/want a customer base in those countries, implement an SMS marketing campaign in your business for broader reach and visibility.

That said, we have handpicked five SMS marketing strategies you can use to grow your revenue base.

Push Exclusive SMS-Only Offers

Offering exclusive discounts and promotions to your customer base is an excellent way to sell your business via text messaging. Your promotion is more likely to get the right traffic with the high open rate of text messages.

Send out text message offers like:

● Use the code "XXX" at checkout to get a 10% discount

● SMS exclusive offer: Use the link to get a 15% discount this weekend

● Get a 10% shopping discount in-store, show this text

Discount codes are a great incentive to keep your customers shopping all year round, and making them exclusive to your SMS list ensures that your customers stay on your list. When sending out these messages, remember:

● Keep them under 160 characters

● These discounts should be offered to your supporters and customers can't find on any of your other platforms.

● Be straight to the point.

Send Personalized Messages to Specific Shoppers

Another great SMS marketing strategy is to send personalized text messages to specific shoppers on your SMS list. The logic is simple, imagine a customer visits your site, puts something in their basket but doesn't buy it, or you have a waiting list for products out of stock, or even for remarketing purposes. Sending SMS to customers like this is a great way to keep them reminded and updated.

This is a more effective strategy than email marketing because many people have their phones on them at all times and are most likely to open an SMS than they are to open an email.

Another excellent approach will be to visit your CRM and check for products recorded that specific customers had an interest in and inform them when they are available.

This may seem like a lot of work, but there are many services that can help you automate these kinds of SMS messages based on your customers' behavior.

Examples of how to craft these kinds of messages are:

● Still interested in this ITEM? Only 3 left. Get it while stock lasts

● Back in STOCK. Shop our back-in-stock products now.

Engage Your SMS Subscribers with Interactive Content

Engagement is a great way to drive conversion, make sure you are pushing engagement in your text marketing just as you use it in your social media marketing.

You can push engagement in your SMS marketing campaign by sending interactive texts like:

● Tell us a product you would like us to add to our line

● Please reply with your favorite products from us

● Which products should we create a discount code on

The trick to sending interactive texts that do what you want them to do (engage your customers) is to make sure the text message is focused on your customers and their needs, and not on your business.

Interactive text messages like these are invaluable for getting customer feedback while growing a loyal following of engaged customers.

Upsell Other Relevant Products or Services

This is another text marketing strategy that your business should be using in their SMS marketing campaign. Being a form of remarketing or profile marketing targets customers who have made a specific purchase, sending them recommendations for future purchases based on their previous purchase.

For example, if a customer buys a phone from your online shop, you can send them a text message like, "Cracked phone screens can be the worst, protect your phone today with our Gorilla phone screen protector. Prices start from $2. [link]"

By sending this message, you generate more revenue from a single customer.

Use Text Message Marketing to Remind Customers About Upcoming Events/Appointments

This is an especially helpful strategy if you are in the service business where people make appointments and then forget. With this marketing strategy, you can significantly reduce the number of customers that don't show up to appointments by sending them a reminder via text message.

A text like, "We can't wait to see you tomorrow by 4 pm! Let us know if you require to reschedule," is a gentle and respectful way to remind your customers that they have an appointment with you.

Also, it tells them that it is okay to reschedule if they can't make it.

While this works wonders in the service industry, you can also use it where products are involved, by reminding customers about sales about to commence, or the likes.

Use SMS Marketing as a Form of Inbound Marketing

Not every SMS sent to your customers has to be about increasing revenue; this stems from the inbound marketing methodology, which teaches that you can attract a loyal customer base just by providing them with valuable content.

Implement the inbound marketing methodology by sending your SMS subscribers valuable tips and advice via SMS.

An example would be if you are a skincare brand, you might send:

"Did you know using sunscreen is a good way to protect your skin?"

"Cleaning your face before going to bed is a good way to keep your skin free from acne."

Whatever tip or advice you are sending, make sure they:

● Show you're an expert in your field

● Are incredibly relevant to your SMS subscriber base, and

● Aren't common knowledge. 


SMS marketing is essential in selling your business, and if used right and consistently, it can bring a tremendous increase in your revenue. Implement at least two of these tips in your SMS strategy to take your business to where you want it to be.

Mary Byrd
2020-05-19 00:00:00 UTC